Friday, November 4, 2011

Hodge Podge

First, I put up a tab on the blog with my consciously thankful thought of the day.  I know I read a lot of blogs in google reader so many of you may not see my thankful thought of the day.  Maybe I'll do a Monday post with the thankful thoughts from the past week.

Anyway, I had intended to do a Three Things Thursday post yesterday but I just ran out of time.  So today you're going to get some bullets on events from the week and some awesome photos I took while running (they aren't too blurry--hooray).

- New running pals.  There are a few women at work that I hang out with for coffee and lunches that have been asking me about running. Last week we started a “running club” together. They were cool with following my Pfitz rehab plan and now we’re running together a couple of times a week over lunch. It’s been super fun to run with new people and to get out over the lunch hour. So far, we’ve been treated with nothing but great weather. I know that’ll change come next week when the foreseeable forecast is high of 45 and rain every day. However, even when it gets rainy at least it’ll be light out over lunch. Hooray for new running friends, rehabbing my foot and getting out over lunch and running into other friends on their lunch break!

View from the Hawthorne as we were running across on Wednesday

On the bridge

Eastside looking southwest

- New adventures. One of the women I started running with over lunch is a HUGE crossfit person and convinced me to check it out with her. We went last night and it was a total blast.  It was probably one of the hardest workouts I've ever done and I'm definitely sore today, sporting my compression socks, but it was awesome.  The people were really friendly and the workout was mostly stuff I'd never done before, like hanging from a bar and doing these twisty things.  I was glad that the workout didn't consist of rope climbing b/c that would have been an epic fail for me!  Anyway, my bum and legs are pretty sore today but I definitely think I'll give Crossfit another try.  Anyone out there a crossfit nut?

Next week, I've agreed to try CorePowerYoga with a different friend from the office.  Here is to new adventures and sore muscles!

-Eating well. I feel like the fall hasn’t had a calm moment and I’m on the go quite a bit. I’ve been trying to eat healthy meals but it doesn’t always work. However, last night I made a super yummy, quick and easy, vegetarian meal (hope Aimee and Marni are proud).

My recipe:
1 can garbanzo beans (rinsed)
handful of tomatoes (I used the last cherry tomatoes from our garden)
Splash of red wine
1 tbsp olive oil
Cup-ish of spinach
Fresh garlic pressed
red pepper flakes and dried oregano

Basically, I heated the oil, tossed in the beans, tomatoes and garlic-- let them hang out for a bit. I poured in the wine and added the spices and let that sit for a bit. Finally I added the spinach and wilted it down. I smashed the beans with a fork and set every on low.

While that was hanging out in the pan I sliced up fresh sourdough that Mr. Pi made and tossed a few thin pieces in the toaster.

I also fried up an egg and cut up some avocado for a topping.


-Date nights.  I love date nights with Mr. Pi.  Since we both have busy lives I like to try and schedule at least one date night a week.  Saturday night is our date night this week.  I'll be making a yummy dinner (butternut squash risotto).  It'll be a nice night at home probably complete with a movie on the couch =).

Happy Friday Everyone!