Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Cold season. This has more than one meaning. The first, it’s cold outside. This morning the car temperature read 38 degrees. Also, I kept my coat and scarf on at work this morning for about the first hour I was here and had three people make fun of me. Brrrr….. The second, is the lovely rhino-virus or the common cold. Ugh. I definitely have a bug but I’ve been trying to push through and keep my spirits up but also not push too hard and get run down.

2. Leaves! There are still some amazing fall colors around these PacNW parts. Here are two photos I took from my office a couple mornings ago (one isn’t of leaves but Mt. Hood sunrise never gets old, right?!)

3. Workin’ it. I’ve been keeping up with my running and other workouts, though I am taking it easier this week given my cold. I’ve been loving being able to run again (I’m sure you guys are already sick of my saying that!). I met up with Amy last night for a swim which was great! As she was driving me home we chatted about how it’s hard not to push ourselves. Right now I’m really trying hard to stay in the base building phase and not try to push myself too hard too fast. I don’t have any events on the calendar and I’m not planning to put anything on the calendar any time soon. I need to build my running base back up and continue to swim and cycle. I keep saying I need to do weights class again, and dang it, I do but so far I haven’t been able to get myself there. While I’ve been focusing on baby steps with running, it’s hard not to plan for 2012. I can’t be the only person with this problem!