Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Fall. I mentioned a few posts ago about how I’ve been trying to enjoy fall activities and not get bogged down in the changing weather patterns and return of gray skies. Well, it wasn’t hard to do last weekend and the early part of this week—Portland was given a fall treat---clear skies! Sure it was chilly in the morning and evenings but sooooooooo clear. Sadly, I have only one picture from the weekend and it was at dusk so it doesn't really even look sunny out but here is Mr. Pi and I at a dinner hosted by a winery to say thanks to its wine club members.  Let's just say I might not look it here but I was pretty toasted thanks to the free flowin' wine and a hubby that offered to be DD for the night.

2. Return of the lunchtime walks. Since my foot is finally healing I’ve gone for a few lunch time walks. This used to be such a BIG treat for me. It would break up my day and I could spend time outside breathing fresh air. I’m still planning to take it easy and probably not walk every day but I’m glad to know that my foot can handle a couple of lunch time walks per week again. The neighborhood near my work sure has some pretty signs of fall. These were taken on Monday, when the skies were the clearest blue I’ve seen in awhile.

3. Returning from injury. How could I not mention my triumphant return to running again. It is amazing to be back out there, even if it’s just run/walks for now. I’m loving it and trying not to get carried away as that can be easy to do. I’m taking it slow and every day remind myself I don’t want to end up back in the BOOT!