Monday, October 24, 2011

Return to RUNNING!

I’ve watched probably half a dozen of my friends, fellow bloggers and Mr. Pi zoom to a marathon PR using Mr. Pfitz. So when Kristen sent me a Pfitz return from injury plan, I knew I had to try it. This guy has helped many friends to PR glory I was hoping he could help me return to running. So, last week I started the Pfitz plan. Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: Spin class! (lunch time walk!)

Tuesday: 25 minute run/walk with Jen + 1200 yards of swimming with Mr. Pi and Jen (short lunchtime walk)

Wednesday: 2.75 mile walk with Amy (no lunch walk, barely got to eat lunch super busy day at work, stressful and not fun)

Thursday: 20 min spin + 28 min run/walk (running at 10:30 and a few fast pickups at 9:30)

Friday: REST

Saturday: 1.5 hour spin + 30 min weights + long walk with the dogs

Sunday: 33 min run/walk (all running was 10:00mm or faster) + 2500 yd swim

Honestly, the week couldn’t have gone better. My foot is feeling good and my runs felt strong. While I am still run/walking I felt like every time a running interval would end I totally could have kept going. I was also running at a 10 min mile and wasn’t really breathing hard. I know I was only running at most 10 minutes at a time but a 10 min mile is pretty speedy for me. I am curious about my heart rate b/c even that didn’t seem very high. Maybe I’ll have to borrow Mr. Pi’s heart rate strap and his Garmin one of these days. Something that did surprise me—I was SORE! I know I have a long way to go when I got sore from a 25 minute run! However, along with the soreness I also got a “runners high”, yes, “runners high” from 25 minutes. I’ll take both the sore and the high thank you very much.

I’m moving on to week 2 of the Pfitz plan this week. Week 3 gets a bit more intense and moves to 4 days a week of running, I may repeat week 2 or pare down week 3 when I get there. So far so good though! If I continue to feel this way I may be able to run a turkey trot on Thanksgiving! I would love to run one but at the moment I’m just seeing how things go. Even if I don’t do an official race on turkey day morning, I would love to run any kind of run!

I cannot believe it’s the last week of October! I took a peak at my goals for the month and I know I’ll be checking a couple more of them off the list this week. Happy Monday everyone…only a few more days til it’s Friday again.