Friday, October 7, 2011

October 2011 Goals and September Recap

October’s 10 goals for the 10th month:

1) Attend at least 2 spins per week. (I finally tracked down where my favorite teacher is teaching now and I’m committed to Monday spins for sure!)

2) Go to weights class.

3) No shopping for myself. (I just bought new boots and a sweater and a scarf. That’s enough. It’s hard to resist as I LOVE to shop and fall shopping is something I really enjoy.)

3) Finish my Christmas shopping. (Yup, I’m ambitious!)

4) NO running until my foot is 100% for at least a few days. (I need to keep putting these goals on here b/c I’m not to a point where I REALLY want to run but know that it would be better for me to just let it heal 100%. It’s been 10 weeks, what’s another 2-3. At this point I’m hoping to be running again by December.)

5) Cook and POST a recipe of the week.

6) Look at artwork with Mr. Pi.

7) Track on DailyPlate consistently for an entire week.

8) Read three books. (It’ll probably be book club book TBD next week, Art of Racing in the Rain and The Help---since those are all next on my list. Any other suggestions that I should add to the list!?)

9) Try a kickboxing or zumba class at the gym.

10) Decide on our next house project. (Since we’re in the rainy season and undecided about the patio anyway, it’s likely we are going to choose an indoor house project or have to find a sunny weekend to tackle something outside.)

How'd I do in September...honestly, not that great.  Mostly because of all my traveling but here is a recap of September's 9 goals.

1. Post the pre-patio project list. FAIL. Actually, there is a good reason for this fail. We’re not sure what we want to do, we may not build the patio after all. We need to do some more designing to see what makes the most sense for our use and our space.

2. Be more consistent with pushups and weights. 2x per week of weights, 3x per week P-ups. SEMI-FAIL. I haven’t done weights or pushups as consistently as I’d like but I have started to incorporate them back into the routine!

3. Get back out on my bike. (This is obviously contingent on the status of my foot injury.) SUCCESS. While I haven’t actually ridden my outdoor bike mostly due to the change in weather, I have been rockin’ spin class. Last week I went to 4 classes---holy booty burn.

4. No running for another 4 weeks. Yup, I'm giving myself another complete month off from running to properly heal. It's going to be tough as I'm already going a bit nuts but I know it's necessary.—SUCCESS. In fact, I’m going on 10 + weeks. But I’ve decided I don’t want to run until I’m 100% better. At the moment I’m still hovering at 85-90%.

5. Eat vegetarian for a week. I don't eat a ton of meat as it is but I'd like to go veg for a week this month and consciously choose healthy vegetarian options (aka NOT all PASTA).—SEMI-SUCCESS. I did eat vegetarian for at least a week but it wasn’t consistently in one week, the traveling threw me off.

6. Order some artwork with Mr. Pi.—FAIL. We haven’t even looked together! I have a bunch of items in my “favorites” on etsy though.

7. Continue with the swimming! I'll be traveling a lot for work in the month of September so I don't want to set a specific amount of swimming since I'm not sure what I'll be able to fit in but I'd like to try for as much or more swimming than August!—SUCCESS. I didn’t do as many super long swims but I’m still keeping up with the swimming.

8. Go to a yoga class.—FAIL. ‘nuf said.

9. Think about/start planning a winter weekend getaway. (Yes, I know it's early to be thinking about this but I really want to rent a cabin or something this year for a weekend.)—SEMI-SUCCESS. I have looked into some rentals in central Oregon but I haven’t started any of the planning.