Thursday, October 6, 2011

Four? Things Thursday

1) Chameleon. Every time I book a hair appt I always come out looking different and fabulous. The color is DARK but I’m really enjoying it. I know it’ll fade quickly especially since I had so much blonde under it.

2) Waiting for 100%. I was going to go running last weekend as it had been 9 weeks but I did a gut check and decided that without any races on the horizon it is best for me to wait. My foot is still healing and if I’m being honest with myself it’s probably back to about 90% but not 100%. I want to be fully healed before I start running again. So, here we are 10 weeks later and I’m still playing the waiting game. However, I was able to start cycling again and have attended many sweaty spin sessions in the last few weeks. I know this is the right decision but it isn’t fun. I know it’s going to be really tough when I start running again.

3) Its officially fall. Boo! I’m a summer girl all the way. However, the one thing I’m happy about is BOOTS. I love boots. I bought a new pair this week. While I put them in the geriatric category b/c of the brand, I feel that they are practical, comfortable and actually pretty cute! I wore them on a VERY rainy walk with little Zoey and stepped in the biggest puddles I could find to make sure they are water proof and my feet were completely dry. I plan to slowly invest in pricier but good for my feet shoes. Sadly wearing heels is just not an option for me right now.  What do you think of my new shoes?  (I like the tan/brown pair a lot but I alreayd have boots in that color that are super comfy so I went with black.)

Who am I kidding its 4 things Thursday today!

4) Goals. Nope, I haven’t written up September yup but I can already tell you with all the traveling and social obligations of the month there will be many FAILS. I also haven’t gotten around to October goals yet either but I will!