Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Fun

I am trying not to let the gray clouds put me in a winter funk, instead I’m embracing fun fall activities.

On Friday, I got a makeover. I haven’t had a makeover since before my wedding, over four years ago. My wonderful husband got me this makeover for my birthday (yes, my birthday is in July but our summer was super busy). I am a low maintenance girl and don’t wear a lot of makeup but I feel like the trends I’ve seen are subtle make up. I’m all about the What Not to Wear Carmendy, 5 minute face. I went in and asked for a daytime look that I could apply myself that wouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. I also don’t like foundation or really any face makeup so she went with a tinted moisturizer that she says has “minimal coverage” and is really light. Well, needless to say, she did a great job and I walked away with some new makeup and confidence that I could apply it again myself. After we established my daytime look she spiced it up a bit for my date night dinner plans with Mr. Pi. Here is a shot of my new look at dinner:

(Audrey, what do you think? Also, next time I’m in the bay can I have an Audrey makeover? I’ve decided makeovers are super fun and I need to get them more than once every 4 years.)

Saturday, was a beautiful day, the sun was out and I definitely took advantage of it! I went to an awesomely sweaty spin class (I’ve been going to about 4 classes a week and loving every minute of them) and walked home from the gym (about 2 miles). Got home, grabbed the dog and headed out for another walk where I ran into JEN on her way to get her pre-marathon pedicure! It was great to chat with her and be out enjoying our neighborhood. All in all I probably walked 4ish miles and felt very little pain in my foot, until later that evening when it was a little bit sore. After walking the dog, Mr. Pi and I ran some errands, did some yardwork (here are our blueberry bushes)

and then randomly went to one of the local beer theaters (yup, we have movie theaters that serve beer and pizza!) to see Harry Potter 7, part 2. Good movie but not great, the books are much better! Saturday was busy but great!

Sunday, was the Portland marathon! Mr. Pi and I got up early and met up with other fellow spectators downtown to watch for our friends Jen and Andrew. It wasn’t pouring like last year and it wasn’t too cold. Like always, we had a great time spectating and cheering on all the runners. 

Though, I gotta say it did make me miss running that much more! Our runners did great! And, somewhere in between the coffee stops/driving to different points on the course, Mr. Pi picked up a very fall item…a PUMPKIN! 

All in all, another busy but fun day!