Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I travel and am a klutz

I knew this was going to be the month of traveling for work but whew, I've only been on one trip and I'm zonked.  My first trip took me up through central/eastern washington state.  I'm not from the Pacific Northwest so my travels throughout these states have been somewhat limited.  On this trip I learned a few things...

1. Central/Eastern Washington is very dry.
2. Is very warm.
3. Smells like beer b/c there are a TON of hops fields.
4. Very rural!
Garmin didn't even know the road we were on.

5. Prone to forest fires.

This fire closed the highway that we were supposed to be driving on and instead we had to travel 2 hours out of our way to get where we were going.  The smoke cloud was HUGE and the entire area was hazy and smelled like burning forest.

It was a great first trip to kick off my travel month EXCEPT for the fact that the hotel chair "bit" me.  AKA I am a HUGE klutz and stubbed my toe so hard that I'm pretty sure I broke my pinky toe.  And yes, this is the same foot that I was recently in the walking boot for my Morton's Neuroma!  YIKES.

It'll be great to NOT be injured sometime soon!  

I got back from my first trip Friday late afternoon and I head back out tonight but in the few short hours I was at home I went to a wedding with Mr. Pi yesterday...
Rocky Butte State Park in Portland.  Great views even with the haze from the forest fires.

AND we went to a concert last night and didn't get home til 1:00ish.  Needless to say, I'll be using that plane ride today for a nap!  (Yup, traveling by air on September 11th, should be long lines at the airport and extra security but I'm prepared.)  

Here's to another week of travel and speedy healing for my poor foot.  In other foot news, my Morton's Neuroma has definitely decreased I can barely feel it anymore, which is awesome!  I went to a spin class last week and it didn't hurt AT ALL!  With the travel it's tough to fit anything in but push ups and abs but when I get back to my routine I'm hopeful I can start spin and weights classes again.  I'm still giving myself until the end of September to start running again, now with the toe, I'm hopeful that I can even make that timeline.

Happy running, biking and swimming to all of you!