Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1) Turns out traveling for three weeks makes the week you finally get back to the office super busy.  Long hours and stress but I'm getting through it!

2) Ever been in an accident?  Well, I hadn't until about a week ago.  Everyone is fine and there was minimal damage but man, oh man, this has not been a fun experience.  It was the other drivers fault so their insurance is handling repairs, etc but it has been a lot of phone calls and paperwork.  Anyway, long story short I will hopefully be getting my car back tomorrow and be out of the rental.  Thank goodness I love Charlotte Leigh my CRV.  (Yes, I named my car.)

3) Is it really almost the end of September?  As of today it has been exactly 9 weeks since I was out on the roads running.  I am READY to get back out there!  My foot has mostly healed, I don't have pain while walking anymore and I've been able to go to spin class without pain as well.  However, I am really afraid that once I get back out running that I'll just get re-injured.  Please leave comments about how you triumphed over an injury and came back at least as strong as you were before, in not stronger.  I could use some encouragement.