Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jammed Packed

Not much has changed since I last posted. I left on September 11th for another work trip (but not before Mr. Pi and I took on a house project Sunday midmorning---photos below).  At the airport I encountered some extra screenings, which I was happy to oblige but traveling on Sept. 11th took less time than I anticipated.  This trip took me to Southern Oregon/very far Northern California.  Again, the travel was packed and go, go, go but it was also amazingly rewarding and informative.

I was at work for only one day last week and then took Thursday and Friday as vacation days because a very important person was coming to DAD!  We have been keeping Dad busy with house projects and hiking.

Like I mentioned above, before I left on my work trip and after we had recovered from the concert we went to after spending the day helping with our friends wedding we took on a house project.  We transplanted blueberry bushes!

I dug the grass up while Mr. Pi was at Burning Man over Labor Day

Mr. Pi digging more of a trench for the border
Moving the blueberries via wagon
Empty spot where they used to be

All moved into their new home

When Dad got here we didn't let him do much resting.  Soon after we got his stuff to the house we took off for supplies at Home Depot.  Time to lattice under the deck stairs!

The guys measuring it out
Lattice built


We didn't give Dad much of a break as the following morning we were up and heading to the coast for a hike.  We knew it was going to be raining but I don't think any of us anticipated the rain storm we were going to hiking through for 8 miles.  All I have to say is thank goodness for my Columbia waterproof jacket (I need to post a review of this thing).  My foot also did pretty good for 8 miles though I could feel it a bit toward the end as we were hiking on a gravel road for the last few miles.
Starting the very windy and rainy hike

Walking down the beach

Brrrr!  But this jacket SAVED ME!

Since the weather wasn't so great we had the beach to ourselves and even let Zoey off the leash...which we NEVER do

Near the end...very wet, very cold and ready to be done

After an awesome but very wet day of hiking we finished the night at a local pub and were all asleep by 10:00pm.  Not 12 hours later we were back in action continuing the demolition of the back yard!  This time we were ready to rip out some concrete.  We only managed to rip out one square before the rain started to come down pretty hard and we called it a day in the yard.  The boys watched football while I did some house cleaning.  Whew, what a weekend!

Starting the demo

Action shot of the sledge hammer

All demo'd!

 I'm off on another work trip tuesday-thursday this week and am hoping for nice weather where I'm headed!  I'm already over the chilly rain.  I shouldn't be, I know this is what it's going to be like for the next 10 months but I always mourn the last of summer with all my summery self!