Friday, September 23, 2011


After an insane stretch of traveling every week I am finally home for a good long while without any travel plans for work. Since Sept 7th I’ve traveled over 1200 driving miles + two plane rides. Needless to say I’m all stocked up on hotel toiletries for my gym bag. I’m definitely ready for some quality time at home with Mr. Pi and Zoey and sleeping in MY OWN BED. Since being on the road this month I realized just how much I missed running. Running is such an “easy” sport to do while traveling…all you need is shoes and an outfit. Since I haven’t been running I was limited by hotel gyms, most of which only have treadmills or have limited other options. I was able to ride a couple of stationary bikes that look like they were older than me and I snagged one very quick 15 minute session on an elliptical. However, most mornings I slept in, took my sweet time watching cable channels I don’t have at home and enjoyed some peace and quiet before the craziness of my work days began. It was certainly a great stretch of travel filled with lots of learning, fun and beautiful sites but I’m glad to be home. Here are some pictures of my travels...posted some of these already, sorry for the duplication:

Trip #1:

Fires on 97 North in Washington

New route to avoid the fire, aka road to nowhere

Windmills in the Columbia Gorge (k, I didn’t actually take this one BUT windmills are THICK along both the Oregon and Washington sides of the Gorge)

Trip #2

Rushing river in Northern California

Crazy hail that piled up and looked like snow

Trip #3:

Unexpected Hollywood viewing…exterior shots from the hit TV show Northern Exposure filmed in a neighboring town of where I was actually staying but I ate dinner at The Brick, Holling’s place!

Photo from the Opening of Northern Exposure, nope I didn't see any moose!

So glad to be home and ready to get back into a routine!  With my Dad still in town for a few more days and a good looking weather forecast I'm hoping to soak up the sun (while it's still out) and tour Dad around my neighborhood.