Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Recap + September Goals

When I was typing September I wrote July...yup, I'd like to repeat July and August again--I LOVE SUMMER, please don't go...

Onto the recap.  Given my foot and going into a boot I'd say I fared well in August but I'm ready to get back out on the roads again.  Sadly, I think I'm still a few weeks away.

August Recap:

1. Do a post on the patio project, including all of the to-do’s and ‘before’ photos of the yard. Catalogue the adventure via blog, I’m guessing it is probably a two-month project.--FAIL.  Mr. Pi and I did make a list of all the pre-patio projects that need to get done before we can actually lay pavers.  I am planning to post that list soon and also do a post on the project itself.

2. No running until August 20th. Yup, I’m officially NOT running for 4 weeks (starting last Friday). It’s necessary and I’ve accepted it. Doctor said two weeks but I’m self extending this to 4 weeks.--SUCCESS.  Sad, but this has been successful.  It's September 1st and I haven't run since July 28th.

3. Since I’m trying to rest the foot, it’s time to whip the upper body into shape. Here I come weights and pushup challenge.--Half success.  I have been doing weights and pushups but a bit more sporadically than I'd like.

4. Complete some distance of the Covered Bridge Ride. I am signed up for the century but it’s doubtful I’ll be able to complete that distance, I’m leaning toward metric century or even the 40 mile family ride.--FAIL.  Decided it wasn't worth further injury.  Instead of riding the century I scraped paint, sanded, primed and re-painted by deck railings.

5. Order (or create) some artwork with Mr. Pi. He has been wanting to decorate our house a bit more. I’m personally a bit of a minimalist but I agree it could use some spicing up, especially the downstairs bathroom.--FAIL.  But I have looked on Etsy and found some items that I favorited, that's a start.

 6. Complete a 2 mile swim. My swim distances have really varied swim-to-swim but I’ve done a few 3000 yd swims so I think it is well within reason to do a 2 mile (3525 yds). I’m not really going for a straight swim necessarily, though I may do that as well, but rather a swim workout of 2 miles. I’ve gone back to the book and have been loving the workouts.--SUCCESS.  I've done multiple swims over 3000 yds and two at 3525 yds (or two miles).

 7. Healthy eating focus. Since I won’t be spending a ton of time running and biking, I plan to use some of that time to get back into meal planning and cooking for the Pi’s.--Half SUCCESS.  I've been cooking more but I was also traveling for work and we had company in town which makes it hard to eat healthy.  But this is a work in progress.

 8. Finish blog re-design.--Mostly SUCCESS.  I'd still like to change a few things around but I added the tabs that I wanted to add and it's mostly finished.

September's 9 goals for the 9th month.
1. Post the pre-patio project list.
2. Be more consistent with pushups and weights. 2x per week of weights, 3x per week PUps
3. Get back out on my bike. (This is obviously contingent on the status of my foot injury.)
4. No running for another 4 weeks. Yup, I'm giving myself another complete month off from running to properly heal.  It's going to be tough as I'm already going a bit nuts but I know it's necessary.
5. Eat vegetarian for a week.  I don't eat a ton of meat as it is but I'd like to go veg for a week this month and consciously choose healthy vegetarian options (aka NOT all PASTA).
6. Order some artwork with Mr. Pi.
7. Continue with the swimming!  I'll be traveling a lot for work in the month of September so I don't want to set a specific amount of swimming since I'm not sure what I'll be able to fit in but I'd like to try for as much or more swimming than August!
8. Go to a yoga class.
9.  Think about/start planning a winter weekend getaway. (Yes, I know it's early to be thinking about this but I really want to rent a cabin or something this year for a weekend.)