Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All About the Shoes

Now that I’m bootless, at least for the time being, I knew I needed to raid my closet of all the terrible adorable shoes that probably didn’t help in my development of a severe neuroma.  So, operation clean out the closet began.  Here are some of the beauties I had to let go of…

After weeding out several pairs of shoes, what did I do…go shopping of course! This wasn’t your typical Nordstorms or Macys or even Aerosoles trip, I’ve hit a new bottom---I went to *GULP* one of those geriatric shoe stores that carry clogs and ugly teva/hiking sandals. It was necessary and painful. While some of the wedge/sandal shoes weren’t totally awful looking most of the flat shoes (which is the only thing I can really wear) were pretty bad. After trying on hideous pair after hideous pair I finally settled on these:

They aren’t super hideous but they definitely are granny looking. However, they serve their purpose, they are comfortable and my equally heinous orthotic fits in the shoe perfectly. I can’t wear them yet though, I’m still in running shoes since those are the only shoes at the moment that are remotely comfortable, even the granny shoes are a little much yet.

Speaking of running shoes…I’ve been wearing my basically brand new Saucony ProGrid Ride3’s since my foot started acting up and I had to give up normal shoes. The podiatrist encouraged me to try New Balance and Brooks as both are noted to have wider toe boxes and have a generally roomier feel to them. I normally order my running shoes online from RunningWarehouse but since I was switching brands I figured I should try them on before taking the plunge. At the geriatric shoe store they carried two running shoe brands—Brooks and New Balance, whatdoyouknow! So I tried both. I’ve tried New Balance before and really didn’t like them so I wasn’t all that hopeful. I tried two pairs from Brooks and two pairs from New Balance.

New Balance 890

New Balance 10 (these were honking shoes but comfy)

Brooks Adrenline GTS 11

Brooks Trance

I was surprised that I liked all four! They were all very comfortable and my orthotic fit in each one nicely. I ended up going with the Brooks Adrenaline mostly because I found them to be the most cushy. Close second were the New Balance 890.

I probably won’t be doing any running in September (per September goals) but when I’m ready to hit the roads again I will have a nice new cushy, wide toe boxed running shoe.

Now for my curious questions to all you readers out there…

1. Have you gotten rid of “cute” shoes since you started running?

2. Anyone else been to a geriatric shoe store and walked out with a shopping? (Please tell me I’m not alone)

3. How many brands of running shoes have you tried?

(Brooks makes five for me. I started in Addidas, I left Addidas for New Balance, left New Balance for Mizuno, left Mizuno for Saucouny and left Saucony for Brooks. Brooks will still have to prove himself on the roads when I’m back out there before I will officially claim I’ve left Sacouny for good. Sounds like the makings of a good romance novel doesn’t it?)