Thursday, August 11, 2011

A year later…

So, it occurred to me a few weeks ago, actually on my birthday, that the Pi Family has lived in our house for over a year.  Crazy!?!  We got the keys a day before my birthday last year

and officially moved in the day after my birthday last year

We proceeded to spend 3 days in our new home and then we left for California and our amazing weekend of racing (me, Barb’s race 70.3 and Mr. Pi’s first ultra).  Needless to say, it was a BUSY summer.  As I was reading through some of my favorite home improvement blogs, it occurred to me how much we’ve done to our place since we moved in one year ago.  I thought it might be fun to start a yearly re-cap of our home improvement undertakings.  Being a home owner is truly great.

Year 1 (Projects in no particular order.  I'm not going to post photos for everything but for most of the projects!)

Paint Downstairs Bathroom
Re-roof garage
Build two garden beds
Plant bulbs along side yard
Riping up the grass
Sunshine blooms

Trim and re-train grape vine
Making a comeback (it's in full growth now but I don't have any photos!)

Plant new grape vine
Plant new roses and flowers in front yard

Put up trellis over short fence
Short fence that my tiny Beagle could jump over to visit the neighbors new dog

Staining in freezing weather in December makes for an unhappy Alisa
No more jumping Zoey!

Plant jasmine and put up climbing trellis
Install hanging baskets along deck
Just one of four we put up

Re-stain deck
Add molding to guest room closet
Hang artwork and mirror in guest room

Build pegola-like thing for grape vine to climb

pergola/trelis and compost bins

Plant garden
Build compost bins
Cut down tree
Probably our "biggest" project--now you see it

It's down!

And gone!

Take out bush and plant new tree
Plant hops and strawberries in wine barrels
Hop vines!

Paint a magnetic chalkboard in the kitchen

Whew, I knew we’d tackled a lot of projects but seeing them all written down in one spot makes me realize just HOW much we have accomplished in the past year.  One of the best parts about making this list was thinking back about how much fun these projects were to do together and with our families.  Both sets of parents, Mr. Pi’s and mine have helped spruce up the house.  Each project contains fun memories.  Our house has created so many wonderful memories.