Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three things thursday

1. It’s my wonderful, amazing, patient, kind, HOT hubby’s birthday today! Happy birthday honey!  I am the luckiest!

2. Summer is here and I love it! We’ve been eating outside almost every night, even had to move to the shade one evening. Everyday I’ve woken to a bright orange orb in the sky and I have been loving every- single-minute-of-it!
This is Noaa's picture for "mostly sunny" HOORAY!

Even my office, which is normally an ice box, has been pleasantly warm lately. I figure I do so much complaining about the crappy weather that I better give mother nature some major props for the awesomeness she has been bestowing upon Portland lately. Keep it up!

3. You know what else loves summer, our garden. I figured it was high time I show you some of our harvests and what we’ve been doing with them!

Carrots harvested and garlic harvested

We have a green tomato!

Even after we trimmed (i.e. hacked) back our grape vine over the winter, it is flourishing!

Last weekend, Amy, the lovely domestic goddess, taught us how to can pickled beets. I cannot wait to try these puppies. Last year, she gave us a can of hers and they were delicious I have high hopes for our batch since we used her recipe.

Beets for pickling

I've posted many times that we have more blueberries than we know what to do with...well, I thought of something to do with them!
Duh! Blueberry muffins.  These are actually muffins made with greek yogurt and half the sugar so they are "healthy" muffins.

There are just a few gems from the garden.  I hope we get peppers, I love peppers!  When we harvest more potatos I'll post some photos of those too!  We've already made one dish with them and they were so flavorful.  I had no idea potatos from a garden would taste different than ones from the store.