Sunday, August 28, 2011

Solo Weekend

Before I get to the weekend, I have to shout out to the lovely Lauren who I had the pleasure of having lunch with on Friday.  We are horrible bloggers and didn't take any photos though!  Lauren, come back to Portland and we'll go check out local brews!

Mr. Pi left on Saturday for a week in the desert, also known as Burning Man. This means Zoey and I have the place to ourselves for the next 10 days.  So, what'd we do?  We threw a party!  And by "we" I really mean me, Zoey is cute and all but not much help in the party planning business.  After hosting the bridal shower today I've decided that I need to find a way to become a full time party planner/hostess because I really love to plan and host parties. One thing I'm not good at is taking pictures of the finished product of things.  I took lots of pictures of the setup but not of how everything actually looked all finished.  Oh well.  Here are some photos of the setup:

Early stage of planning, laying out where I want things to be


Party favors for guests

Cupcakes!  (Orange and green are the wedding colors so I tried to match things to their colors)

Cupcakes done!

Gift table label

In addition to hosting the bridal shower this weekend, I also was knee deep in The Hunger Games and I started watching Heros on Netflix (yes, I am always about 5 years behind on TV).  The good news is that staying off my feet has helped my foot!  I was able to walk around the house most of the day in a normal shoe with minimal pain.  I've been taking ibuprofen and icing it on and off all weekend but I think it's finally on the mend!  Yesterday morning I woke up and felt an onset of plantar fasciitis but that quickly went away with ice, rest and rolling a gold ball on my foot.  Honestly, when I felt that pain I thought to myself "SERIOUSLY, what else?!?!?!?!?!?!!" Thankfully that pain has subsided today.  I'm going to give myself one more day in the boot and then try a couple days without it.  I'm ready to be healed already!

I know all the Hood to Coast race reports are going to be up soon, can't wait to read them.  Next year, I WILL be healthy and hopefully will get on my company's team!

Sorry my posts are getting boring lately.  I just don't have much in the way of running or biking to write about.  I still have been swimming like a fish though.