Monday, August 8, 2011

My Friends are Amazing

Yup, they are!  Since I haven't been able to run with any of them for quite some time (stupid foot) I thought the least I could do was help support them with all of their running awesomeness.  So, on Sunday, I hosted the 2nd annual Wildwood Supported Trail Run.  Last summer when Mr. Pi was training for his first ultra I supported him on a 24.75 mile journey through Forest Park and decided this year, I would open it up to all my awesome runner friends and they could go whatever distance they wanted.  I recruited another friend to help me run the "crew vans" to shuffle runners from their various stopping points back to their cars at the "start line."  It was an amazing way to spend the morning!  (Two of my favorite runners were out of town off on their own running adventure, I decided that I may need to do this again this summer and not wait until next year.)

Best way to recap the fun is through photos of course.  Sadly, I didn't get pics of everyone at their various stops but I did snap a few.

Runners--aka my awesome friends

They're off!
Mr. Pi into aid station #1
Our friend Andrew coming into aid station #1 (his wife was my crew buddy)
The ladies heading out of aid station #1 (Amy and Sarah)
Andrew heading into aid station #2
Mr. Pi about 21 miles in!
Mr. Pi coming in for the finish! 24.75 miles!  He did this awesome little jig/jump but I missed it =(
Second almost trail marathon for my stud of a hubby.

And my favorite...
Just kidding!  Here were my trail companions, saw these little (BIG) guys everywhere.

In other news, I made it 60 miles on my bike Saturday and felt pretty good.  It was a mostly flat ride with some minor elevation gain.  Foot felt alright except up the hills. I also swam nearly 6 miles last week!  I think that's a swimming record for me.  Here's to an awesome week of swimming, riding and supporting my awesome friends (and hubby) in their running.