Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Injury Chronicles + What to do with spare time

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I’ve been on a run or ride. My foot is feeling better. I’ve been wearing my inserts and tennies (yes, even at work minus the hour or so I went to an event where I wore a suit and decided tennies w/a suit wasn’t a good look), icing and stretching. Sadly, it’s not 100% yet but I think it is improving. It is no longer excruciating and now more of a nagging pain really only when walking barefoot. I’m still taking a few more weeks off from running so I can properly heal. As for biking, I’m going to try a spin class either tomorrow or Friday and assuming all goes well I’m planning a ride for Saturday.

Swimming. I’m like a fish! Last week, I swam about 5 miles this week I’m going for 6! I would love to swim 20 miles this month. In addition to swimming, I’ve re-started doing pushups and have also lifted weights twice since Sunday—that’s gotta be a record. I figure if I can’t be out there on the roads (though I’m hopeful I’ll be back on my bike this weekend) I figure I’ll sweat it out in the water. Actually, that’s one of the things I love most about swimming, since you’re in the water you don’t feel the sweat, it’s the perfect summertime activity.

Not having a packed schedule certainly allows for other things which is great. I’ve been cooking every night and for once, the laundry pile is at a manageable level. I wish I hate taken pictures of my last two meals though, I admit “plating” is not my strong suit. Monday night I made a grilled chicken “Caesar” salad. The “Caesar” is in quotes b/c the dressing wasn’t a typical Caesar but similar. It was the dressing from this cooking light recipe . The chicken I “flash” marinated, meaning it only marinated for about 20 minutes while I prepared the salad fixings. It soaked in buttermilk, lemon and lime juice. I think the buttermilk really helped the chicken from getting dry on the grill, it was perfect. Tuesday night I made, grilled flank steak with mango cucumber salsa, grilled bell peppers and flatbread. I cheated and bought a pre-marinated flank steak from Trader Joe’s which was delicious (it was the Chipotle BBQ marinade). The rest of the recipe came from cooking light again. The flatbread I used was actually Trader Joes plain naan bread which I warmed on the grill. Yummers. Both meals were easy, healthy and made good leftovers for lunch. I really love to cook when I have the time. I feel better eating healthy meals rather than quick meals that are thrown together without a lot of care.

We’re dog sitting this week so I’ve been trying to take care of two little munchkins and pamper my hubby, who is training for a century ride and a 50k plus teaching a college course this month. Here is my cute family hanging out while I take my turn as grill master on the deck.
Mr. Pi and the two munchkins


Cooper, our dog for the week