Friday, August 19, 2011

Boots and Bloggers

I love a good boot as much as the next girl but unfortunately, I'm not talking about fashsionable boots here.  Nope, one of these:

Cute, right? NOT!  Crappy accessory for the one month we Northwesterners can usually count on for good weather. Oh well!
Monday I got another cortisone shot, the boot and xrays.  I'm in the boot for at least two weeks but maybe more.  My doc called me yesterday to say that he doesn't think there are any fractures in the foot but that there was a "gray" spot on the xray or something so he wanted a second opinion.  I'm supposed to hear from doc #2 today.  Blah!  At this point though I've decided that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get better.  I'm still allowed to swim, starting today but no running or cycling for the duration of the boot.  The doc basically said that running is really out of the question until my foot is completely pain-free for at least a couple of weeks.  He said when it starts to feel better I should still lay off since all running will do is bring the problem back. BOO!

Right after I got the shot and the boot, I went to the aiport for a work trip.  Normally work trips are great but I really wasn't feeling great about traveling with the boot and a new shot in my foot.  Turns out, it went just fine with only minor inconveinance.  I knew I was going to Denver a few months ago so naturally I emailed with Aimee to see if she would be around.  Meeting with bloggers while traveling is always fun!  And, lucky for me not only was she in town but willing to drive from her home outside of Denver to meet me less than 2 blocks from my hotel.  Yay!

We had a great time chatting away about training, life, food, weather.  She is just as cute in real life!  Thanks Aimee for meeting me!  I'll be continuing to virtually cheer you on throughout your ironman journey!

Denver trip was great but as with all work trips it was exhausting!  I got home on Wednesday evening super tired.  Now we have company in town, Mr. Pi's friend from college and his girlfriend.  Mr. Pi was amazing and cleaned the whole house yesterday morning so when I got home I had to do very little tidying. Mr. Pi really is the BESTEST!  It's  a huge pet peeve of mine to have a messy house when guests arrive. Today I'm working, working, working as of course, being away means I'm behind at work, even though my travel was FOR work...funny how that always happens though. 

I'm sure we'll be off doing fun things this weekend despite the boot and it's limitations!