Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation Part II

I left off regaling our long rides and pool time spent in the HOT heat of the valley. After a nice relaxing morning the day after our 65 mile ride we packed up and headed to the city by the bay, leaving our bikes and Zoey behind for their own respite at my Dad’s house (thanks Dad!). We got to SF and were treated to sunny skies (not always the case in the summer, it is often foggy). 
driving over the bay bridge

city skyline from the bridge

We had enough time to take a quick nap, snap a photo or two from our hotel home (nice view isn’t it? That's the view you get from Nob Hill) 

and then we were huffing it on the streets of SF to AT&T park home of the GIANTS for our first game. I LOVE baseball! 

I wish Portland had professional baseball instead of soccer (me no likely soccer). Here are some shots from the game. YAY, they won!

Brian Wilson warming up!  Fear the BEARD!

Yay they won!

On Friday morning, we got to sleep in (for us) and get ready for our runs. Mr. Pi was running 16 miles and had an awesome route + map that RoadBunner so graciously sent him. I really wanted to run over the GGB but knew that with my scaled back running due to my foot injury and the fact that my knee was still sore from our LONG bike ride that I wasn’t going to be able to do a 16 miler to get up and over the bridge and back. So, RoadBunner picked me up at the hotel, which was AWESOME and we drove closer to the bridge.

We did a fun walk/run over the bridge for a little over 4 miles. For not having run in over a week with a sore foot and knee I’d call that a success!  Running over the bridge and reading Aron's course preview has made me consider running the SFM someday!

We made it to the other side!

After running we picked up Mr. Pi at the hotel and headed out for Ramen. This isn’t your college ramen, this stuff is DELICIOUS! Perfect for after a chilly-ish run. After food we played tourists with Roadbunner as our tour guide, it was awesome! We went through Golden Gate Park (so pretty) 
pretty wildflowers

Bison, who knew?

and up to the lookout at Twin Peaks (I’d never been up there before). 

It was a great afternoon of site seeing! Thanks so much Roadbunner great to see you and hang out for a bit.

After we got back to the hotel, again we had a little time to rest before heading out for pre-game pizza and beer. In college, Mr. Pi and his good friend J would go to this little hole in the wall place for pizza and beers before the game. They give you a slice of pizza + 32 oz of beer for $12. I’ve been to this place with them before and remember leaving VERY tipsy. We ventured there and got our pizza and beer. 


I was so proud of myself, I finished ¾ of my beer—go me! Again, leaving there very tipsy. Good thing the walk to the park was only a few blocks. We hunkered down into our seats and got ready for game #2! Again, I LOVE baseball! Sadly, they didn’t win this one but it was still a good game.

Saturday morning we had a leisurely morning of walking to breakfast and back. We both kept thinking how strong our butts and quads would be if we lived in SF walking up and down all the hills. 
this photo doesn't even do this street justice--straight up and up and up

Sadly, we had come to the end of our mini-vacation within our vacation. We headed back to the valley heat where we picked up the dog (and our bikes) and spent the evening up North with Mr. Pi’s family.

Sunday came our long drive home where we even picked up a stow-away! We have our 17 year old nephew with us for the week. I hope the weather in Portland cooperates and lets us take him on some fun adventures.

Sadly, vacation is over and it’s back to the grind. Here is one last cheers to a great vacation with lots of time spent with family, friends and getting in our miles!