Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Part I

Hello form sunny HOT California.  So far, vacation has been great (when is vacation ever not great?).  We've been busy enjoying ourselves and getting some quality workouts in as well.

Sunday we embarked on an EARLY long ride.  We had 50 on the schedule but found a ride that was closer to 58 miles and set out ready to take on the day.  We started the ride at 7:00 am and it was already warm.  I'm the first to say I love the heat, I really dislike being cold while exercising however, starting a ride at 7:00 am where it is already mid-80's was a little much--even for me.  Around mile 20ish we were cruising along at a 16.6 MPH avg pace and I felt great. It was just us and the farmlands and the birds (actually we saw TWO snakes as well, ick, I was glad we went by them quickly).  
Sutter Buttes in the distance


Happy Blissful photo

About mile 25 is where the blissfulness ended.  I got a flat. Yes, again!
Grrr tire changing.  I let Mr. Pi tackle it as I figure he could change it faster than I could!

Then, we got the tire back on and there was a lump in it that made it feel like a mini speed bump.  All of this sent me into a horrible frustrated funk.  Couple that with a headwind on the way back and I wasn't fun to be around (sorry Mr. Pi, thanks for putting up with me).  Given the tire issue and the fact that our pace had dropped significantly we opted to head back to the car which off significant mileage and we ended the ride at 14.2 avg pace and 44 miles.

July 4th came and went and we didn't see or hear any fireworks!  We also didn't BBQ we had Chinese take out and man, it was good.  We spent the day helping Mr. Pi's parents finish their shed.
I helped finish painting and helped Mr. Pi with the roofing (but he did 99.9% of it with his Mom also hammering in sections).  This shed has been in process since my last trip down in May.  Each of Mr. Pi's siblings (there are 5 Pi children in total) has helped with a section of the shed.  

July 5th was a new day and I was ready to get back on the saddle again.  Mr. Pi and I drove to Chico and he ran in Bidwell Park and I rode loops. The park is closed to traffic so I put in one headphone, which I do think pepped my pace.  I did 15 miles in 1:02.  

It was really HOT so I decided to go for a swim in what is called "1 mile."  It's basically a damed off swimming hole feed by a creek.  It was kind of quasi-open water swimming since it's not a pool, the whole thing is pretty long and you have to sight to make sure you're going in a straight line.  After about 40 minutes of swimming I found a spot on the grass to relax and wait for Mr. Pi.  I was happy to finish a confidence building workout and was ready to tackle our LONG ride.

"1 mile" is in the background

After heading down to Sacramento, we had a great BBQ with my Dad and stepmom (see we had our BBQ just a day late.  We all went to bed early as our alarms were set for 5:00am.  By 6:30am the next morning we were off on our 65 mile ride.  My dad on his MOUNTAIN bike and Mr. Pi and I on our road bikes.  My Dad is amazing!  We both drafted off Mr. Pi pretty much the whole time but my Dad made it 52 miles on his MOUNTAIN bike!  Wow!
Goofy looking picture of us.  But in the background is the American River, it looked very full and very fast moving.
Our shadows

My favorite two studs!

Mr. Pi and I finished up ourselves and hit the car at exactly 65 miles in 4:19 for an avg of 15 MPH.  This is HUGE for me.  I've never gone that far keeping a pace like that.  My right knee is paying the price right now but a couple of hours later, I got my POOL time complete with a raft to float on and a beer.

Tomorrow we head to San Francisco for a two-day anniversary/birthday celebration.  I can't wait! Let's go Giants, let's go!