Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Goals Recap + August Goals

This is going to be a bit embarrassing, most of these are fails.

1. Blog layout. —Semi CHECK. I still have some work to do but I did get a start.
2. Ride an early morning ride BEFORE work and bike commute to the office at the end of my ride.—FAIL. No excuses, just a fail.
3. Do a double day bike of 15-20 miles in the AM and 15-30 in the PM.—FAIL. No excuses, just a fail.
4. Have an awesome, laid back, summery birthday BBQ to celebrate my last year of my 20's and Mr. Pi's first year of his 30's.—CHECK. It was amazing. The only “fail” here is that I didn’t take any photos.
5. I had a goal to get my long run up to 10 miles but I'm going to pare that goal back a bit and set it at 7 since I'll be outta running commission for the first few days of the month and then easing back into the swing of things.—FAIL. Foot has really prevented me from doing much running.
6. Do AT least 2 early morning workouts per week.—FAIL. I did a good job of getting to spin class and I did get up early in California while on vacation for early morning workouts but in general, this is a fail.
7. Design BOTH the patio (or deck extension) and terrace. –Semi CHECK. We did design the patio more or less and have made a list of all the items we need to get done before we can even start the pavering process. In that case, designing and figuring out one project is a success. I think the terracing may be a 2012 project.

August 2011

Given the diagnosis of my foot, some of these are goals to ‘not’ do something.

1. Do a post on the patio project, including all of the to-do’s and ‘before’ photos of the yard. Catalogue the adventure via blog, I’m guessing it is probably a two-month project.

2. No running until August 20th. Yup, I’m officially NOT running for 4 weeks (starting last Friday). It’s necessary and I’ve accepted it. Doctor said two weeks but I’m self extending this to 4 weeks.

3. Since I’m trying to rest the foot, it’s time to whip the upper body into shape. Here I come weights and pushup challenge.

4. Complete some distance of the Covered Bridge Ride. I am signed up for the century but it’s doubtful I’ll be able to complete that distance, I’m leaning toward metric century or even the 40 mile family ride.

5. Order (or create) some artwork with Mr. Pi. He has been wanting to decorate our house a bit more. I’m personally a bit of a minimalist but I agree it could use some spicing up, especially the downstairs bathroom.

6. Complete a 2 mile swim. My swim distances have really varied swim-to-swim but I’ve done a few 3000 yd swims so I think it is well within reason to do a 2 mile (3525 yds). I’m not really going for a straight swim necessarily, though I may do that as well, but rather a swim workout of 2 miles. I’ve gone back to the book and have been loving the workouts.

7. Healthy eating focus. Since I won’t be spending a ton of time running and biking, I plan to use some of that time to get back into meal planning and cooking for the Pi’s.

8. Finish blog re-design.