Friday, July 29, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Frustrating and The Future

The good= the foot is NOT broken! Yay!

The Bad = doctor said no weight bearing activities including but not limited to running, biking, excessive walking, dance, etc. I am supposed to stay off my foot as much as possible for two weeks, he said biking is okay next week but if it hurts STOP. After two weeks if the pain still isn’t better, it’s likely I’ll get another cortisone injection (cuz the last one helped so much—read sarcasm) and a lovely walking boot (it’s the newest fashion for august). I’m hoping two weeks of good rest will do the trick. I haven’t biked since my disaster ride last Friday so I’m already a week there and am not planning on riding, as much as it kills me not to, until next Thursday. My last run was over a week ago so at the end of two weeks, it’ll be three full weeks of not running. Furthermore, I’m also only supposed to wear running shoes with my new inserts, ice as much as I can and do my stretches up to 4 times a day. This means I’ll be sporting tennies with my work clothes (it’s a good look—read BARFalicious), stretching at my desk every 10 minutes and carrying multiple bags of ice from the kitchen during the day. However, it’s serious time now. My foot has been bothering me since mid-April and I’ve had enough. I’m willing to do whatever it takes! So, for the foreseeable future it’s all swimming all the time (and abs, pushups and any arm weights that I can do sitting down).

The Frustrating = Sunday was supposed to be my first Olympic triathlon. I downgraded last week to the Sprint Tri but I think even that is out at this point. Doc basically gave me a choice: 1) race half ass and injured risking further injury and a frustrating performance or 2) skip it, get healthy and totally kick butt at the next one. Okay, so the doc didn’t exactly say it in those terms but that was the basic gist. So, as annoying as this is I will be getting a bit fat DNS on Sunday.

The Future= I am not committing to any other races any time soon. I need to get healthy and build back my base before I’m ready to test it out. I have pretty much decided when I get the okay to start running again, I’m going to keep it nice and easy and build back REALLY slowly. I am also considering joining masters swimming again. Mr. Pi and I have been toying with this idea for the fall but I am pretty much 100% for it now since swimming seems to be the one constant that I can do despite injury. Before we join (I’m hoping Mr. Pi still wants to do it in the fall) I’ll be spending August swimming on my own, enjoying the last month of the outdoor pool, swimming with friends who are still training for tri’s in the open water and generally working my way back through my favorite swimming book.