Friday, July 1, 2011

Feet + July Goals

I finally went to the podiatrist about my foot. I figure I started complaining about it more than a month ago it was time.  Turns out I was right, Morton's Neuroma.  Bummer!  I got fitted for some sexy orthotics (which aren't really that comfortable), got a list of stretches I'm supposed to do twice a day and a cortisone shot.  

Now, going into the Doc appt I was hoping for some type of pain med, a shot, pills, something BUT I forgot cortisone shots are painful!  Ouch.  The rest of the day I limped around with a swollen, slightly numb foot.  I was also told no running for a week and then ease back into it.

Gah, oh well, temporary set back but I wasn't doing much running anyway since it was so painful.  Hopefully this will make the pain go away and I'm hopeful I can still get in a walk/run (short one) with RoadBunner in SF next Friday, that's over a week from now so I should be okay for 3 miles.  Please internet friends stalk me on twitter and facebook and via email to do my stretches and wear my awesome orthotics.  I've got an Olympic Tri in 32 days and other things I want to do this fall.  Doc has okay'd biking and swimming as great cross training exercises as I ease back into the running game.

Alright enough on feet, let's get to July goals.

Dude, it's July already!?!?!
7 goals for the 7th month of the year, ready, set, go...

1. Blog layout.  Yup, still on here and maybe will get done while I'm on vacation.

2. Ride an early morning ride BEFORE work and bike commute to the office at the end of my ride.

3.  Do a double day bike of 15-20 miles in the AM and 15-30 in the PM.  (Gotta get ready for the crazy century ride in August.)

4.  Have an awesome, laid back, summery birthday BBQ to celebrate my last year of my 20's and Mr. Pi's first year of his 30's.  I need to send this evite out.  (Waiting for Mr. Pi's list of invitees-ahem).  I already picked out the most awesome (read slightly cheesy decorations from the dollar store, it's going to be awesome.)

5.  I had a goal to get my long run up to 10 miles but I'm going to pare that goal back a bit and set it at 7 since I'll be outta running commission for the first few days of the month and then easing back into the swing of things.

6.  Do AT least 2 early morning workouts per week.  I have no problem it seems getting up on Friday's to go do my spin + brick, why can't I get up on other days?  (Anyone want to be my texting buddy at o'dark thirty?)

7.  Design BOTH the patio (or deck extension) and terrace.  I think we should be able to at least design them this month.  Sheesh it's not as hard as actually finishing the projects.