Monday, July 25, 2011

Costumes, Rides and Birthdays!

This is what happens when life gets busy, I do all these fun things and I want to blog about them all and then I forget and everything piles up. So here is a shortened, bulleted list of three major shenanigans.

-July 16th, Pix annual Bastille Day Wine 5k (in costume)

I’ve never run in costume and I’ve never done a race where there were wine stops instead of water stops. Anyway, Mr. Pi and I threw together last minute costumes and met up with a couple of his friends, one of which ran with a sword (a real one) balanced on her head for 3.1 miles. Yes, wow! There were 10, yup 10 wine stops during the 5k. I skipped 3 of them as I just couldn’t stomach anymore alchie. It was a grand time and we plan to do it again next year and hopefully we can convince some other folks to go with us. We have on our dreams list to run the full Medoc Marathon in France in September 2012. Portland folks: registration for the 5k was FREE, you just had to bring 5 cans of food as a donation to the Oregon food bank, how many of y’all are in for next year?

Here we are.  Hula girl and shipwrecked businessman.

Other participants (including sword girl in the purple)

-July 22nd, epic, lesson-learning ride in the Gorge

So there is a lot to say here but I’ll keep it brief. Mr. Pi and I met up with Amy at her place and had set out to do 80-85 miles. The ride took us over bridges and along some nice back country roads. However, there were areas of highway riding that weren’t very pleasant and the second bridge crossing was over a grated bridge that was really WINDY. It was pretty but terrifying at the same time!
Bridge of the Gods---scary but pretty!

Along the Washougal River

The ride was also very hilly. To make a long story really short. I had to call for a ride at mile 63. My foot was really hurting (I think it may be the dreaded, stress fractures! Definitely more serious than morton’s neuroma) and honestly, I wasn’t prepared to ride that many hills on that long of a ride. Yup, I quit. I’ve never quit anything in my life before but it was miserable for me and even more so for my wonderfully understanding hubby. I owe Amy big time for driving all the way out to get me, she was seriously a life saver! Anyway, I’m moving on and realizing that it happens sometimes, we bite off more than we can chew, injuries crop up and sometimes it’s best to quit while you’re ahead. The ride was incredibly beautiful but also incredibly LONGER than originally planned. Mr. Pi, my stud, finished the ride and ended up with 99.5 miles, yup, he rode a century.
Very pretty scenery but very hilly!

Speaking of century’s, I’m not sure what this means for my planned century in August. I’m going to reevaluate after my doctors appt and figure out the best plan. If my foot is not broken and I can get in a ride of at least 80 miles (which would have to happen the weekend of August 6-7) then I might go for it but at this stage it is looking like I will be downgrading to the metric century or maybe even the 40 mile option. Since it is not fair to subject poor Mr. Pi to riding an entire century with someone much slower (and at times whiney and just not fun to be around), if I do ride the century I’ll be on my own. I’ll keep ya posted but my hopes to ride the century might be put off for a year.

-July 23rd, MY BIRTHDAY

I’m officially in the last year of my 20’s and I celebrated in style with lots of friends, food and fun. Mr. Pi’s birthday is in 12 days so we hosted a smashing backyard BBQ on Saturday to celebrate both of our birthdays. I’m totally lame and didn’t take any pictures, I know I suck. It was an awesome gathering and I really appreciate everyone who made it. I felt incredibly loved and spoiled!  I can't believe I don't have any photos!  Not even of my birthday cake!