Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. It’s the end of June, really? Wow, this month went by fast. I’ll be posting July goals tomorrow and decided I’d just recap June goals here.

                                    -Re-do blog layout. –UM, FAIL, AGAIN!

-PR the bike portion of my sprint tri.—CHECK! Totally smashed my old sprint bike time.

-Design our patio.—FAIL. But we have done a lot of talking about it and bought a book on patio and terracing. Though, we are toying with the idea of expanding the deck in lieu of building the patio. Decisions, decisions. Regardless, we wouldn’t start building it until after blueberry season since we will be moving the blueberry bushes so we have some time.

-Design our terraced front yard.—FAIL, again, lots of talk but no action. We are waiting for the tree stump to rot out enough to remove it which is taking longer than I anticipated.

-Continue to “follow” the balanced tri plan—3 x per week of all three sports.—Mostly, CHECK. I’ve been taking it easy with the running still, mostly short distances nothing over 5 miles because I’m still having foot issues. However, I have been doing pretty great with biking and swimming.

-Continue dailyplating.—Semi-check. I feel off the wagon a bit here but I’ve put myself back on track with the tracking. I lost 2 lbs this month so the scale is at least moving in the right direction.

2. Mr. Pi and I have been eating lots of our meals outside in the past couple of weeks. It has made me love being a homeowner even more. It seems like every season brings a new reason to love homeownership. So far summer has made me love eating outdoors, picking peas off the vine in the garden, plucking fresh mint for mojitos and watching all my flowers bloom (especially my roses!).


More Fuchsia

My favorite kind of rose, the ones you think of when you buy roses at the store

3. I’m going on vacation in T-minus 2 days! Can you tell I’m excited? On tap for our California visit is: roofing a shed, biking a ridiculous number of miles, getting in a couple of runs, hopefully finding a pool to swim in at least once, going to see two GIANTS games (fear the Beard people!) and lots of time with family. Can’t wait!

Alright, I'm bucking the trend and going for a fourth thing.  Last night I was jazzed to go for a medium long ride.  I got home from a stressful day and went out to the garage to get my bike and the tire was FLAT.  I re-pumped the tire hoping it wasn't actually a flat but not more than 5 minutes later FLAT.  Ugh!  So I sucked it up and started changing the tire, I got about halfway through and then I couldn't remember what do next.  So, I did what anyone in the 21st century would do, I googled a utube how-to video.  And 40 minutes later presto! The guy in the utube video changed the tire and plugged his bike shop all in 4 minutes but whatev's I got it done.
I got the tire off the bike and the flat off, this is where I consulted the internet.

And...DONE!  All greased up.