Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This is my 300th post but I couldn’t think of anything cool to write about or say so I’m doing a Three Things Thursday and just for MicaPie and RunningLaur I’ll eat some cake (or something).

1. While the weather has been warmer and drier there have been lots of clouds. Cloudy days for days on end kinda puts me in a funk. However, this morning I woke up to SUNSHINE! I heart sunshine. Growing up in Northern California, it was rare that days in the summer were cloudy and we NEVER (rarely) got rain from mid-May to the fall. Speaking of weather, I’ve been obsessively checking Saturday’s forecast. Saturday I have my first tri of the year. So far, so good on the weather, high of 70 and partly sunny, I’ll take it.

2. After reading a few of Emily’s latest posts about doing long rides in the morning, I’m considering trying this out. I start work at 7:30 and I’m not a super speedy cyclist so I’m not sure I could get in 50 miles like she did but I could probably get in a good 2 hours of riding (30 ish miles)—maybe it’ll even make me ride faster knowing I only have limited time. Anyone in the P-town area want to try and ride before work? Also, I know Emily goes to a road that closed to cyclists and does loops, since it is light out so early now what do people think about riding the bike trail in the wee morning hours, safe? Not safe? Would roads be safer?

3. I’d like to do another Q&A post, I’ve only done one and lately I feel like I’ve gotten several questions in the comments. So…if there are any burning questions out there for me leave ‘em in the comments and I’ll put together a Q&A post soon. Kristen already asked about my shopping spree and pictures so just for you girl I’ll post some pics in the Q&A section. Turtles Can Run also asked about fitting in 3x3 for tri plans so I’ll be posting my take on balanced training as well. Anything else…ask away!