Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre-race thoughts...

I have my first sprint tri of the season tomorrow. I haven’t thought too much about this race until this week. I wasn’t really nervous until this week either. I feel prepared but also not prepared—you all know the feeling.

#1—Have fun, be smiley
#2—PR the bike. I haven’t done a sprint tri with my road bike, last one was with the mountain bike. I need to beat a 14.61 MPH average for a bike PR.

Honestly, those are really my two goals. I would love an overall PR and I think it’s possible but I’m not really focusing on it. As Mr. Pi tells me often, I tend to get a bit wrapped up in numbers which he thinks might actually hinder my performance b/c I sell myself short. So instead of saying I want to hit “blah blah blah” pace I’m just going to work hard and leave it all out there.

Are you a number cruncher or do you focus on effort level or both?