Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Re-Cap and JUNE goals

Instead of starting with the re-cap I'm going straight to JUNE goals, May re-cap can be found after new goals.

First, I LOVE summer and can't wait for it to ACTUALLY be SUMMER in Oregon.  I also love June as it holds fun memories like graduating from college, getting married and going on a honeymoon!  Yay JUNE!  I know it's going to be a rockin' month.

Because June is the 6th month of the year here are 6 goals for year 6!

1. Re-do blog layout. This is going to stay on here until it actually GETS done!

2. PR the bike portion of my sprint tri. Sure, an overall PR would be great and is probably possible BUT I’m all about PR’ing all things biking this summer.

3. Design our patio. I love our wrap around deck but I really want a backyard patio. Mr. Pi has said he’ll build it (I’ll help of course) if I design it.

4. Design our terraced front yard. Since we took out the tree in the front yard we have been planning to terrace the front and take out some of the grass. I think we could actually do this in a weekend if we had a design for it and a plan of attack. I’m excited about getting to plant more flowers in the terraced section! Peonies are definitely on the list!

5. Continue to “follow” the balanced tri plan—3 x per week of all three sports.

6. Continue dailyplating—ultimately, my goal is to lose about 10-12 lbs which would put me close to my wedding weight, which I consider to be a very happy and comfortable weight. It’s going to take some dedication to get there which I am willing to do but I’m not going to go crazy nutso over it. Here that friends and family—don’t let me go nutso but if I’m reaching for my third helping of dessert or mindlessly stuffing my face b/c I’m bored please tell me to put the spoon/fork DOWN. I’m giving you permission. Thanks.

May Re-Cap:
1. Go to “crazy” weights.—Progress. I was getting into a routine of going on Monday and Wednesday evenings but lately that hasn’t happen. If I can’t get to an actual weights class I have been trying to do a few free weights at home.

2. Re-do my blog layout.—Clearly, a fail. I’m considering moving off of blogger since I had trouble loading pictures the other day and I know others have been having issues too.

3. Continue Dailyplating.—Check! Since I started tracking consistently at the beginning of May I have lost a few lbs. I have also not gotten too crazy with it and have allowed myself some indulgences.

4. Set weekly distance goals on Sundays. I won’t necessarily be posting these every week but I’m going to consciously write them down somewhere instead of just doing mental notes. So far, this has been a good way for me to have a bit of structure but also daily flexibility.—I’m not sure where to put this category. I was doing really well with this until I decided I needed to get serious about tri training so I downloaded a tri plan and have been “loosely” following it. By “loosely” I mean, I’ve been doing all the workouts just not necessarily on the days it says to do them. This allows me some flexibility but also gives some structure.

5. Run a 30 mile week. Alright, at least one week this month I’ll be setting a weekly running distance goal of 30 miles.—Fail. I spent the later half of may trying to heal my foot which meant drastically cutting mileage.

6. Send happy spring cards. Since the Pi’s didn’t do Christmas cards this year, I’ve been wanting to send happy spring cards.—Fail. Maybe I’ll send happy summer cards?

7. Set a course PR for my half marathon on May 15th. Given that this was my very first half marathon and I think I posted a time of something like 3:0X, I think I’ve got this one in the bag. I mentioned before I’m not going to be going for an overall PR with this race as I know that would be setting myself up for disappointment, one thing I want to concentrate on in this race is not mentally giving up. I noticed the other day that I sometimes stop for a break because my mind is telling me to NOT because my legs or lungs are tired.—Success!

8. Go swim in the open water. By this time last year, I’d already swum a number of times in the freezing, rainy, hail-y, open water. It is time.—Success! I’ve been twice already and had two confidence building experiences.

9. Take a picture a day in May. I’m too late to hop onto the year in pictures in crazy, I thought I’d try out a month in pictures. I’ll be posting some of the highlights here.—Progress? I did great with this for the first two weeks and then just got lazy.

10. Do at least one fun house project this month. –Success! We bought and planted some hanging baskets for our porch. We kept waiting for a dry 48 hour weekend to stain the deck but that never came. We’re hopeful it’ll be dry this weekend!