Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Plans

First, thanks for the all the comments on my last post. I am now off the meds and feeling much better. The Sunday following the race, I did some yard work and at one point I was pushing our manual mower over some really tall grass and sweating when I noticed a sharp spike in my heart rate again. I quickly sat down and let myself rest. So scary! Since then, no heart rate spikes so I think I’m in the clear. Note to self, meds + race = not a good idea. Now that I’m recovered from that incident I thought it was time to create a new plan.

I know from chatting with some fellow P-towners that I’m not the only one that thinks making training plans and then re-working them, only to then re-work them once again for the eleventy millionth time is a fun past time. One of these times I’m going to not be training for multiple events at once and pick a schedule and just hammer it. But until that time, I’ll continue to work and re-work my training plan.

Now that Mr. Pi and I are committed to the Century Ride in August (YIKES) and I have my first Olympic distance triathlon at the end of July I decided I needed to get off of the informal plan and create something with a little more structure. So, I have a formal training plan that is back to my normal format (a word calendar document) that is color coded. (Yes, color coding is necessary.) Also, incorporated in the new plan is a vacation and some really fun training buddy meet ups, including:

Open Water Swims with Amy

Long rides with my favorite riding buddy Mr. Pi

A hopeful return to semi-regular Terwilliger runs moving from Terwilliger Tuesday’s to Terwilliger Thursday’s also with Amy

A pool scope (aka checking out a new very close and convenient OUTDOOR pool) with Jen

An EPIC riding adventure with both Jen and Zach (Mr. Pi too)

A long ride scheduled for our California vacation with my awesomely fit Dad (who I will likely be holding back with my pace) and Mr. Pi [we will likely be doing at least two long rides while in CA, one with my Dad and one up near Mr. Pi’s folks, maybe Sarah will join us?]

A long run scheduled for California with Roadbunner which will hopefully include a jaunt over one of my favorite California landmarks

Potential midweek rides with several folks—having athletic friends and office mates is great!

Buddy meet ups are a great way to help ensure a workout gets completed and motivation stays high. I went through a phase where I really didn’t want to work out with anyone; I was enjoying solo workouts. Then, I got really embarrassed that my pace (at least with running) had slowed and I was too nervous to meet anyone. A few weeks ago, I decided that really missed my buddies and that I would try to meet up with folks when it worked for my schedule (and theirs). Now that I have a formal schedule again, I built buddy meet ups right into the schedule. Even if my buddies are faster and fitter I figure at the very least it’ll be motivating to meet up, when it works with the schedule, even if we go our paces. Right buddies? I figure I’ll still have plenty of solo workouts to have a nice mix.

Do you like to workout solo or with buddies or have a mix? If you like working out with buddies what’s a fun buddy workout you’d like to share?