Sunday, June 19, 2011

light or dark?

Last week was really great.  My heart irregularity is officially gone and was 99.9% certain it was related to the medicine I was on---so glad that's gone.  With that out of the way I've been enjoying my new plan.  I kept the running light this week and skipped my "long run" as my foot is STILL bothering me!  GRRRRR!  I called the podiatrist and made an appointment I've had ENOUGH.  Until then I'll probably keep the running light and hit the swimming and biking.  The amazing workout of the week was Wednesday.  I had 20-30 miles scheduled and was looking forward to getting outside but when I got home it was raining so I got on the trainer.  About 1:30 into the ride the sun came out but I figured I would just finish my 2 hours on the trainer.  Then, Jen texted and asked if I wanted to go for a short ride with her, I figured I'd ridden 1:45 at that point but what was another few miles.  About another hour or tooling around the city and riding through a pretty park I was back home and had ridden nearly 3 hours.  It felt great!

Anyway, on to the question at hand...light or dark?  Nope, not talking about roasts of coffee or types of wine or beer but rather hair color.  I think I mentioned before that I spent MANY years as a blonde and only recently went over to the dark side (though I had done it once before but I think it was TOO dark then).  I thought I'd post some side by sides on the blog and let y'all tell me what you think.  Light or dark?  There are definitely days I really miss my blonde hair but am happy with my choice for the time being but that's not to say I won't go back to blonde.

Short and dark  (the first time I went dark in Fall 2007...too dark, Seattle)

Short and blonde (from our engagement weekend in '05 Maine)

Still short and blonde (may 2008, nor cal)

 Shortish and really dark (first time, too dark fall 2007)
Long and blonde (summer 2007-mexico)

Long and dark (last weekend at Jen and Zach's)

Super long and super blonde (also, wearing lots of makeup and sporting a post honeymoon tan)---summer 2007--mexico
Long and dark, fall 2010--nor cal wine tasting

Blonde or brunette?
Someday's I love the brown others I wish I was back to blonde.  It's kinda nice that I can go either way.


  1. Something about that first Mexico photo is totally adorable!! You look great both light and dark, but I agree that the 'too dark' is too dark.
    I've always wished that I could dye my hair different colors all the time, but I've always been too terrified that my natural hair color wouldn't come back since it's so light!

  2. I really like your dark hair, but I think you should go w/ whatever makes you feel the most you! :) (how's that for a wishy-washy answer?)

  3. I like the blond best - on balance - but I know how you feel - I recently went darker and needed it as my hair was drying out but now I think I"m too dark..

    Keep changing - who says you've got to stick with something?

  4. I would go with the blonde but I know how it feels with a change of pace! I went back to my natural color at one point...until I realized how well the blonde hid my grays!!

  5. Ohhhh, this is tough. It's hard to choose light or dark, but I know that I LOVE you in long hair! Light in the spring/summer dark in the fall/winter?

    Your lucky you can pull off both colors very well.

  6. You are so lucky that you look really good in both!! The blonde is "playful" but the brown is very sophisticated and grown up. Your hair transitions nice between the two colors too. You can always lighten the brown a little in the summer and darken in the winter but I think you look beautiful with either color.

  7. I LOVE the dark, but you're gorgeous either way!

  8. So glad that you are feeling better! :) YAY!

    Gosh, I love your hair both colors! I'm super jealous of that!

  9. Your long blonde hair is beautiful! You have really full, healthy hair so you could pull off just about anything but my vote is for blonde:)

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and Justin. We love you both . . . anyway you wear your hair styled!

  11. I am very partial to the dark! love it on you and I wish I could dye both ways but my roots would be insane! You look great in both!

  12. I think you look awesome both ways but am a slighlty bigger fan of the dark photos :) I think you look awesome in the one from last weekend :) As someone who can never dye their hair without it being obviously dyed, I am jealous.

  13. I'm one of those weird seasonal types... love the blonde for summer but when fall/winter hits, go for the sultry dark :D