Monday, June 6, 2011

It’s finally raining…SUNSHINE

And not WATER! Portland had its first 80 degree weekend and I soaked up every last minute of it. My week went great. I did take an unscheduled rest day but I think I made up for it this weekend.

The weekend kicked off by my boss letting me out a half hour early on Friday, which was such a treat! I ended Friday with a great swim and headed home for some grilling and prepping the deck for our all-day staining adventure on Saturday.

Saturday we got up early and each did our workouts. For me, I swam and ran (7 miles without PAIN—YAY) and Mr. Pi ran 16 trail miles! We scrubbed the deck down again and started staining.

Deck before (and one of the things we went "ooops" about was this stain we went to the store and got a new one.)

Enveitably, with all home improvement projects there were a few “oh no’s” and of course, the fateful trip to home depot. But the project came out great.

By the time we were done with staining and cleaning up it was time to EAT. We had super good pizza at the local pizza place down the street from our house. After pizza we even got a second wind and took the dog for a LONG walk in the beautiful evening. Needless to say, falling asleep was no problem after all of that.

Sunday we got up early and I did some laundry and a little bit of dusting and tidying. By 8:30 we were out the door for our first “long” ride (31 miles) of our century ride training plan. Yup, that’s right peeps, we’re doing a century ride in August. Yikes and YAY!

I tried to push myself on this ride and Mr. Pi did a great job of coaching me and letting me draft…drafting makes 18 MPH seem like nothing—thanks honey. After biking, I mowed the lawn and folded some laundry, got cleaned up and hit the outlets for a shopping spree with Amy. After a few hours and many dollars spent we returned with lots of new treasures. Sunday night we had Jen and Zach over for dinner which we ate out on the newly stained deck and watched as lightning and thunder rolled in (luckily it did not bring rain). I went to bed way later than usual but it was totally worth it for a super fun evening.

I’m sore and tired but I wouldn’t change any minute of the weekend---it was awesome!

Training totals for the week
Run: 3 times—with no pain and two brick runs! Total miles, still down from where I was but I’ll take it. 14.5 miles total
Bike: 3 times—1 HARD trainer ride, 1 sweatastic spin class and 1 outdoor sunny ride (4:15 total—31 outdoor miles)
Swim: 2 times—BUT I don’t feel that bad about it. (4100 yds total)