Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What TO Wear

As faithful readers of this blog you know I am a shorts and tank top type of runner. I long for summer runs where temps soar and I sweat buckets. Living in Portland there aren’t a whole lot of days that I get my wish which is probably why all 4 of my marathons have been run in states touted as sunny havens (Arizona, California and Florida). However, here I am faced with my 8th half marathon this weekend in my sunny mecca known as California where the weather forecast is calling for 50% chance of rain. Yikes! I’m hoping for the best but need to plan for the worst which leads me to the question of the day…what should I pack to wear?

I can normally gut out a chilly start in shorts/tank and I’ll warm up but if the forecast is calling for rain and highs of 65ish, which honestly aren’t going to be coming at 7am when the race starts, I have no idea what to wear. Do I stick with shorts and a tank and throw in arm warmers? Do I switch to capris but stay with a tank on top? Do I wear the shorts, the tank and add my favorite running vest? I think what is confusing me is that we haven’t really had any warm rain yet this year, it’s been cold rain. I don’t remember how to dress for warmer rain.

Readers, what would you wear for a race forecast of 50 low/65 high and 50 % chance of showers?