Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My foot is almost totally back to normal. I’ve been taking good care of it. I took Monday and Tuesday completely off and I think that really helped. I can still feel it a little especially if I’m walking in the house barefoot but I’m hopeful that it is on the mend!

2. I did it, I got in the open water yesterday. It helped that it was about 67 degrees and sunny out. Last year, in April and May, it hailed, poured and was in general really crappy for almost all my first of the season swims. The gazelle and I fought our way through horrendous traffic and swam. There were a few other folks swimming as well but the place was mostly empty. They’ve changed it around and added a couple of docks that weren’t there in years past but I did the normal 600 yard loop. It was the first time that I only did two loops. I normally do 3 or 4 but it was getting late and I figured there was really no need to do 1800 or 2400 yards. I can check this goal off of May!

3. I thoroughly enjoy my lunchtime walks, which I take every day that I can, usually I can go all but one day during the week. It has been fun to watch the neighborhood gardens, flowers and trees come alive. I saw the most beautiful peony’s (which I LOVE) on Tuesday.

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?!

I never really have a route in mind I just walk the streets and keep track of time via my iPhone. However, on Tuesday I was curious about the distance I cover. I never walk very fast, I keep it leisurely but I figured it was probably at least 2 miles. I have the RunKeeperPro App on my iPhone, which is a GPS based exercise app that I use for running if my Garmin is out of batteries or I forget it, but I never thought about using it for walks. I turned it on when I left my building and 55 minutes and 2.89 miles later I was back at my office building. I was actually pretty shocked that I walked almost three miles, I really had no idea it was that far. I find walking at lunch a great way to get outside during the day, to clear my head and just be alone for an hour. I highly recommend taking a walk break during the day. I think it helps my afternoon productivity.

It's almost friday!