Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Return of track Tuesday. I now have a standing track + sit out on the porch and relax date---man, summer cannot come soon enough. Lay your favorite track workout on me!

2. Building up the base. I’ve been debating what my next “big” goal is going to be. Sure, I have a couple of halfs coming up (which I’d like to PR in July) and a couple of tri’s (which I’d also like to PR) but I’ve been really thinking about what the next big thing will be to tackle. I haven’t ruled anything out (including a possible go at another 70.3 in the fall) BUT I’m leaning toward building up my base running throughout the summer and getting to a place where 30-35 miles is comfortable. All in anticipation of a late fall marathon. I’ve had my sights set on CIM for awhile as it’s my hometown mary. I checked and daylights savings ends during taper so I would still have light for most of my training. I got the Pfitz (for mortals) book for Christmas last year and have really wanted to try it out. It is INTENSE and I want to have a really good base built up before I attempt to tackle that intense of a plan. I figure with all my friends running Portland and some crazies doing an ultra I will have a plethora of training buddies or people in training around me to stay motivated. I think I may have caught race envy from all the peeps that are signing up for fall races---my future wallet, as I haven’t signed up for anything yet, says a very sarcastic “thanks.”

3. Pictures. I’m enjoying taking my picture a day for May. I think it’ll be even more fun to look back over the month and see them all. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to try it even for just a week. Pictures are lasting memories. I know I love looking through old pictures!