Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I did and didn't do over the weekend...

Things I did…

-Drove 1000+ miles
-Built part of a shed, which involved moving lots of lumber multiple times (counts as strength training right)
-Ate lots of yummy but not healthy food
-Ran my “long” run on a pretty paved bike trail near my in laws house

-Spent lots of time laughing and enjoying family time
-Mowed my lawn
-Lots of laundry
-Cleaned out Mr. Pi’s closet
-Lots of vacuuming (sad our roomba might be dead)
-Watched “The Kings Speech” and really liked it

Things that didn’t get checked off the list…

-Start the book club book
-Re-do blog layout
-Design my patio
-Weeding the flower beds
-My long swim
-My tempo run

All in all, a successful long weekend. We spent two nights with my in-laws in CA and got back home really late on Sunday night. Monday, I spent not thinking about work but doing lots of house and yard work.

Week 1 of tri training went pretty well. I’m loosely following a plan I found online. I didn’t get in my tempo run or my long swim BUT honestly, the biking is really where I stand to make lots of improvements and I kicked biking booty last week so much so that my booty is even a little sore from sitting on the bike seat. I did three strong cycling sessions. 1) Hill repeats on the trainer where I really pushed myself HARD + an easy 1 mile brick run; 2) An easy 30 minute spin after a great swim; and 3) A kick ass, booty busting, spin class, where I got there early and stayed after to get in an hour and 30 minutes total + a fast, heart pumping brick run. My two swims were also good. I did an effortless pool swim and another open water swim with this girl—thanks for always being my OWS buddy. My runs were okay, still trying to maintain running without pain. I didn’t do any strength training-need to work on that this week.

I’m dreadfully behind on blogs. I have been reading from my iPhone but commenting from there is just a pain. Here’s to another week!