Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Recap and May Goals

Another month bites the dust!  I can’t believe it’s already MAY!  Time to recap April goals and set some new ones for the month.  But before I get to that…don’t forget to enter my giveaway for the book RUNNING ON EMPTY---it’s a great read and will be sure not to disappoint!

April Recap

1.  Run 100 miles this month.CHECK.  Despite my Morton’s Neuroma acting up BIG time, I managed 101 miles this month.  My highest weekly mileage was 26—I really wanted to get to 30.  Maybe in May.

Go back to "crazy" weights class, aka Bodypump, 24SET, 24LIFT.—TOTAL and UTTER FAIL.  I started off the month with weekly weights at home but that petered off rapidly.  This is a goal that’s going back on the list.  I love the feeling of weights class--I feel strong and I usually lean out a bit, I just need to convince myself that getting out of bed at 4:50 am is worth it.

Re-do my blog layout.FAIL.  Man, lots of fails this month.  I didn’t have a chance to sit down and revamp things the way I’d like, so again, this is goal is probably going back on the list.

Limit my coffee buying.Semi-success.  I have stopped going twice a day with co-workers.  If I go with them in the afternoons, I don’t buy anything.  I have been making my coffee at home in the mornings, or trying to, though I have on occasion forgotten my cup on the counter.

Have an awesome weekend with my in-laws when they are in town.--CHECK.  Major smashing success we really had an awesome weekend.

Continue using Dailyplate and be faithful to using it in the evenings as well.Semi-success.  I went through fits and starts and am still not great about keeping it up to date in the evenings—again, I am sensing another roll-over goal.

Bring on MAY goals…

I normally don’t like to set more than 5-6 goals but since I’m going to have some roll-overs I’m going for the gusto and listing 10!

The rollover goals.

1.   Go to “crazy” weights.
2.  Re-do my blog layout.
3. Continue Dailyplating.

The newbie goals.

4.  Set weekly distance goals on Sundays. I won’t necessarily be posting these every week but I’m going to consciously write them down somewhere instead of just doing mental notes.  So far, this has been a good way for me to have a bit of structure but also daily flexibility.

5.  Run a 30 mile week.  Alright, at least one week this month I’ll be setting a weekly running distance goal of 30 miles.

6.  Send happy spring cards.  Since the Pi’s didn’t do Christmas cards this year, I’ve been wanting to send happy spring cards.

7.  Set a course PR for my half marathon on May 15th.  Given that this was my very first half marathon and I think I posted a time of something like 3:0X, I think I’ve got this one in the bag.  I mentioned before I’m not going to be going for an overall PR with this race as I know that would be setting myself up for disappointment, one thing I want to concentrate on in this race is not mentally giving up.

8. Go swim in the open water.  By this time last year, I’d already swum a number of times in the freezing, rainy, hail-y, open water.  It is time.

9. Take a picture a day in May.  I’m too late to hop onto the a year in pictures in crazy, I thought I’d try out a month in pictures.  I’ll be posting some of the highlights here.  (I’ve already started this one.)

10. Do at least one fun house project this month! Last month we cut down a tree, planted hop plants and lily bulbs.  The list of projects is pretty endless so there is NOT a shortage of things to do.