Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Morton’s Neuroma. One word: SUCKS! Right as I was hitting a groove BOOM. I’ve been doing everything right too—wearing flats to work, taking Ibuprofen, icing at home but it’s not getting better. Yesterday I ran 5 miles and by the end it was so painful my whole foot and lower leg was in pain. It hurts to walk even. Basically what this means is I’m going to lay off running (except for my long run) for the rest of the week and re-evaluate when I get to my schedule next week. I had set a 30 mile goal for this week (following my new plan of setting weekly distance/time goals) but that is definitely not going to happen. I’ll be lucky if I hit half that distance—UGH so annoying. Anyone else have this problem? Any advice? I’m also thinking about getting re-fitted for running shoes since my favorite shoes (Saucony Pro Grid Rides) changed their model again and in the words of sweat once a day, I may have to “break up with them.”

2. It is bring your kid to work day today and the office this morning is teeming with rug rats. Apparently the company has a whole program for them, where they take different classes on different topics. The older kids get a more in-depth overview and the younger kids get to watch videos of wind turbines and light bulbs (kidding, I really have no idea what they get to watch or not watch). The whole thing is pretty cool though. I remember in elementary school I always wanted to go to a fancy office building with my parents---my parents were both teachers so going to work with them was like another day at school =). If you have kids, have you ever participated in bring your kids to work day?

3. Fragility of life. I have a blog and I’m on twitter and Facebook so it’s not like I try to make my life private or secretive. But out of respect and privacy of others involved, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail with this bullet other than to say the last few days have really made me think a lot about the people in my life and how lucky I am to have to so much love around me. The last few days have also made me realize that things like bullet #1 above are so very trivial. This is going to sound trite but it’s hard not to sound trite sometimes---let’s all take extra time to tell those around you, you love them! Here goes…parents, family, friends—I love you!