Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Training, Treats and Cleaning

This was one of the best weekends in a long time (week was good too but the weekend was stellar)!

Spring Training, not the baseball kind, that’s over—GO GIANTS—but the Alisa gets her butt in gear kind.  Friday the weather turned absolutely beautiful—sunshine as far as the eye could see.  It was REALLY hard to be at work.  Luckily, my boss thought so too and let us out early which was awesome. I quickly got home, changed and hit the road in a new running skirt (this one) and a TANK TOP.  Yes, A TANK TOP!  Which anyone that knows me, knows is my favorite thing to wear while running but I’m a cold runner and need it to be like 65 and sunny for me to break out a tank top.  I wanted to get in about 7-9 miles.  I was meeting Mr. Pi for drinks/food at a bar that I knew only kinda where it was located but I knew on a direct route it was only 3.5ish miles so, I did something I NEVER do---I just started running, no route planned, I turned when I felt like turning and ran past a lot of really neat neighborhood pockets that I’d never seen before.  I made sure to go the least direct route I possibly could and when I was within a few blocks of the bar I looked at Garmin and I was almost at 7 miles—mission accomplished.  After our “dinner” which consisted of beer and for me the hummus place, I told Mr. Pi that I was going to walk home.  He had his bike with him so I figured he would bike home and I’d see him in 3.5 walking miles but he said he’d walk with me part way.  Turns out he went with me the whole way—he got on and rode his bike slowly alongside me through neighborhoods and I even manned up and ran a few blocks (before stopping b/c  the beer and hummus plate were not getting along in my tummy).  When we got home we sat outside on our Adirondack chairs until the sun went down and I was officially too cold to be outside.  

Friday night was just an awesome way to kick off a great weekend.

Saturday morning was gloriously sunny!  I have such an easier time waking up when the sun is pouring through the windows.  Saturday’s workout was the highlight of the weekend—I rode my bike OUTSIDE for the first time since last September!  I was actually a little nervous, would I still know how to clip in and out?  Would my legs take me for a good ride or poop out after only a few miles?  We met up with another friend and rode a glorious, leisurely 26 miles.  I really didn’t feel tired until about 20 miles in, which I thought was great.  Our pace was slow, barely hitting an overall average of 12 MPH BUT it was so fun.  It made me really want to get back out and ride!

The rest of Saturday was equally great.  I did some yardwork including mowing the lawn for the second time of my entire life (the first being last weekend) and in general relaxed in the sun.  

The dogs both our Zoey and Sarah’s Vaughn had a great day too—they spent half their time lying lazily in the sun and running around the yard.  

Zoey and Vaughn looking pensive.

Zoey lounging in the yard!

Mr. Pi did some planting in the evening.
Our flowers sure have sprouted!
They make great fresh cut additions to the house too!

Mr. Pi BBQ’d for dinner and I successfully spent almost ALL DAY outside.

Sunday morning we woke up to drizzle, which was disappointing but what can ya do---it is PORTLAND!  I checked the temperature and realized it wasn’t that cold out so that was a plus.  I got my running stuff together and as I was getting ready to head out I realized that my legs weren’t sore from riding but my neck and shoulders were very sore.  I’ve also been having episodes of my Morton’s Neuroma flare up—basically it’s a pinched nerve in the foot where the toes meet the main foot.  It causes my foot to sometimes go numb and in general send shooting pain throughout my foot and lower leg.  However, I was determined to get in my run so I headed out.  About 6.75 miles in I heard footsteps approaching and thought to myself “that kinda sounds like how Jen runs”—weird that I know how my friends sound when they run but I do.  I was right it was Jen.  I was walking at that point my foot was feeling sore, she stopped to walk a little with me and told me that I’d probably see Zach on my way back.  Sure enough as I was trotting along back toward home, Zach pulled up alongside and ran a little with me before picking up the pace and leaving me in the dust.  As I was running along I got to thinking about how lucky I am to live close to a bike trail and to have friends that I randomly run into while I’m out on my own run.  I pulled into the house 14 miles later, having run the farthest I’ve run since the Goofy Challenge.  I ended my Spring Training week with 26.25 miles run, 26 miles biked and zero of anything else—you win some and lose some.   The spring weather really did a lot for my mood this week too, I am such a warm weather and sunshine person—it just makes everything so much brighter and happier.

Spring treats!  Mr. Pi and I aren’t religious but we do have an Easter tradition.  Every other year we get to play easter bunny for each other.  This year was Mr. Pi’s turn to play easter bunny and my year to be the recipient---wahoo!  Sunday morning I woke up and found this pot of goodies on my nightstand.

Full of some of my favorites!  YUM and a few extra special treats, like a postcard saying we belong to a wine club (yum) and inside the card a note about wanting to pick out a new running skirt or ?? for me.  Yay!

Spring Cleaning!  I am a domestic goddess.  Not in the same way as her—I can’t make you yummy canned goods or bath salts BUT I can scrub your house like nobody’s business.  It’s a little known secret that I love to clean.  Not the sissy kind of clean like wiping down a counter but the breakout the tooth brush and scrub kind of clean.  Sometimes I dream about moving to Hawaii and when I tell people they always ask me what I would do for work—I would totally work as a house cleaner or maid in a hotel.  I figure that’d give me just enough money to afford my small hut with an ocean view-RIGHT!?  I don’t know why I like cleaning so much but I find it incredibly zen and therapeutic.  So I set out with a mission to deep clean the house and take breaks to fold laundry and give the dogs a bath.  Step one, move all the furniture out the way and vacuum the floors to prepare them for the steam mop.  

After all that is down it’s time for the bathrooms and to break out the toothbrush to scrub.  Then, I find dirty window sills and clean all those out too.   
Nasty mop!

Yup, it was a DEEP clean kind of day.  About 4-5 hours later, I have a clean house, clean laundry, clean dogs and I got in my cross training for the week!
Clean front room with fresh cut flowers and all the clutter put in it's place.

Whew, I’m ready for bed and ready to tackle another week.  Hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as me!