Friday, April 1, 2011

March Recap and NEW April Goals

Pretty good success on hitting goals for March! Can’t believe the first quarter of the year is already over.

1.  Register for some races: CHECK, you can read all about my upcoming race schedule here.

2.  Create a schedule: CHECK, mostly. I’ve been constantly revamping the sched and I’ll need a new sched for the tri’s this summer—haven’t even started that one yet.

3.  Read 2 books this month: EH…I am a little over a 1/3 of the way done with the book club book for April. I’m enjoying it and really trying hard to shut off Netflix to read more in the evenings but sometimes all I want to do is watch mindless TV.

4.  Have an awesome weekend with my Dad when he comes to visit: CHECK, we ran errands, we went to the gym, we went wine tasting and best of all we had a GRAND time doing all of the above! (right dad?? He reads the blog once in awhile, I should show him how to comment =)).

5.  Start using dailyplate again: CHECK, mostly. I’m finding I’m really good at using the dailyplate during the day but I always forget about it in the evening. Anyone else have this issue? On the “lose weight” part—I’m staying mostly flat, I haven’t gained or lost anything.

Now onto April goals…

1.  Run 100 miles this month. (I’m slowly building my base back up and I’d like to get up to 30ish miles per week by the end of the month. As I mentioned in my last post that’s my sweet spot, where I’m challenged but also have time for other activities.)

2.  Go back to "crazy" weights class, aka Bodypump, 24SET, 24LIFT. (I feel best when I’m doing weights—I know this yet it is hard to get there sometimes. I’m going to revamp the training sched yet again to accommodate getting to weights at least once a week in April.)

3.  Re-do my blog layout. (I started creating tabs but didn’t get very far. I have some fun ideas but I just haven’t forced myself to sit down and write.)

4.  Limit my coffee buying. (I don’t really drink fancy coffees just straight up Pike’s Place roast from Starbucks BUT I do go for coffee A LOT. I have three reasons for this: 1) I’m lazy in the mornings. 2) Starbucks Pike’s tastes better than the black coffee I can make at home. Yes, I know, I should just buy some Pike’s beans. 3) It is a social thing at work. Literally, every afternoon it’s coffee break time. I don’t always get coffee sometimes I just want to get up and go for a walk but more often than not I’ll get a cup as well.)

5.  Have an awesome weekend with my in-laws when they are in town. (Again, I need to put something on here that I know will be a smashing success. We already have a full weekend planned when they are here.)

6.  Continue using Dailyplate and be faithful to using it in the evenings as well. (I don’t think I really need to add anything else to this goal, it is what it is.)