Sunday, April 10, 2011

Groovin' through the week and weekend

Monday: 30 Day Shred (20 minutes) + 15 minutes extra weights/abs + Walk with Zoey

Tuesday: 7 mi (1.5 warm up- 6x800 descending (.25 rest)-1 mile cool down)
Wednesday: 2650 yd swim + 35 minute spin
Thursday: 3 mi
Friday: 9 mi long run BEFORE 7:00am (whew!)
Saturday: 2-3 hours of yardwork + long morning walk with Zoey, my MIL and Mr. Pi
Sunday: Sweet nothingness

Okay now that the workout recap is over I can go into all the other awesome things that happened this week/weekend.

First, my tulips are blooming! I LOVE tulips and can’t wait to see all of them coloring my side yard.  I have been really enjoying having fresh cut flowers in the house.  I think I need to invest in a few more vases since at some point this summer I should have lilies and gladiolus.

Mr. Pi also planted an herb garden recently.  Yum!  Can't wait til the weather heats up and we can get some basil in there too.

Second, my awesome in-laws came into town on Friday and we had a fun filled packed weekend. We started Saturday off with some minor yard work…

Now ya see it

Now ya don’t

We've wanted to take down the tree in the front since we moved into the house last July.  The tree was all mossy and never flowered or did anything pretty--it had to go.

Mr. Pi made a stump chair out of the stump for now until we grind it down.

For anyone that is interested here is a video of Mr. Pi's dad chainsawing the tree and it toppling over.

After a day of working hard (seriously, it's amazing how sore yardwork can make you), Sunday we went wine tasting.
On the way out to the wineries in the Gorge.

Mr. Pi and his mom!

 Maryhill winery---you go far enough east and it gets SUNNY

Gorge Grapes

Happy tasters

More grapes

Looking East

And, on top of all that fun, I even squeezed in a baby shower for my good friend and fellow runner.  I'll always remember mile 6 of the Nike Women's Half last year, that's when she told me she was preggers!

Pretty momma to be with all her presents

Action packed week and weekend. I’m really proud of myself for fitting in (mostly) all the workouts (I had planned to swim and/or run on Saturday or Sunday morning but that didn't happen but I think the yardwork counts as cardio)! I think I’m finally starting to get my groove back, it's taken awhile to get into a routine at work and back into a consistent training schedule.

At the pool on Wednesday, I met this woman training for her first sprint tri. She recently lost a lot of weight and has started her 3x per week balanced plan. We got to talking about fitting it all in (work, family, training, friends, personal time, chores, other obligations, etc). She asked how I fit it all in when I was training for the HIM…honestly, some days I have no idea. Time with my friends became time coning them into running, biking or swimming with me and trying to catch up in the car on the way to/from said activities. How chores and other obligations became minimal and time with family often involved them spectating races or training runs/rides/swims before getting to the fun stuff. As I contemplate adding more events to the schedule I’m definitely thinking about fitting it all in. Part of me feels like the busier I am the more productive I am and the better I feel but there is definitely a breaking point. Right now I’m really content with what’s on my plate and am looking forward to building up slowly.

After an awesome week and weekend I'm looking forward to tackling the week ahead!