Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I’m looking forward to getting back to regular double digit long runs. Last weekend I ran 10 miles. I use the term “ran” loosely. It was a slow slog after about 6 miles but I made it. During the course of my 2+ hours on the roads I experienced HAIL (which hurts when it’s slamming you in the face), drizzle, a couple of downpours and a couple of breaks in the clouds where the glorious, glorious sun warmed my face. Afterwards, once the feelings of being slow and out of shape went away, I felt fantastic. There really isn’t anything like a long run (bike or swim) to put one in a good mood. I’m still struggling to find my weekly groove but I’m working on it. Last week I hit 18 miles for the week and this week I’m aiming for 20+--I’d really like to get myself up to comfortably running around 30 miles per week---I think that’s my happy zone. I feel challenged but also have time for other activities. However, sometime in 2011 I would like to have a new weekly mileage PR (currently it’s 37, unless you count Goofy which was 39.3—yes, the week of Goofy I only ran that weekend).

I’m sitting on a ball chair at work. I’ve always struggled fitting in core exercises and I know my core could the work. I did some research and borrowed a co-workers chair and ended up with this one (link). I’ll admit it looks a little silly but I definitely think it is working. On day 1 I lasted until 2:00pm and then reverted back to my old chair because my abs and low back were burning. Baby steps.

I am OVER the clouds and lack of sun. The incessant gray has really got me in a funk. I’ve been taking Vitamin D now for over 60 days and I don’t think its helping. I NEED to see the sun for days on end and have it beat down on my face warming me inside and out. I have come a long way on my thoughts about Oregon but the weather is NOT and never will be one of the things I like. I wish I could spend June – September here in the NW with nights that stay light past 9:00pm and pretty fall colors…then, October –May I’ll go live in SoCal or Hawaii or somewhere nicer than here.