Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spendin' G's

I did it, I registered for some races.

Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon (in CA) May 15th (This one even surprised me! I was already going to be in Sac for the weekend so I checked the local race calendar and saw that this race was going on that weekend and I couldn’t resist. This was my FIRST half marathon (also, Mr, Pi’s and Kristen’s—we did this race together back in 2007). This was my PW for a long time until Goofy happened. At the very least I know I’ll be getting a course PR.)

Blue Lake Sprint Tri June 11th

Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon July 4th

MidSummer Olympic Triathlon July 31st

I am really excited to have stuff on my race calendar again, it’s been so long.  I also think having some goal races will help me suck it up and train through the gray dreary days that often are spring here in the NW. I've even got my eye on a couple other events but decided not to register quite yet--when I do I'll surely make an announcement!

As I mentioned before I’m on a new plan which I just modified to be less ambitious since I wasn’t hitting all the prescribed workouts and I don’t need to be on a full tri plan yet. Instead, I’ve modified it to accommodate the newly added half marathon in May. I’m also trying to get my new co-worker, who just did her first 5k, to sign up for another one that I’d run with her. I love helping people get new PR’s—since most of my runner friends are faster than me, it is rare that I can help someone else achieve their goal.

I’ve encountered some hiccups, mainly in the form of a nagging cough/cold that has left me TWICE couch ridden on a Saturday with a fever and the whole nine yards of feeling icky. I’m (hopefully) rallying this week trying to get lots of sleep, drink lots of fluids and generally take care of myself. With the wonder of modern technology, I have self diagnosed myself on WebMD with a myriad of conditions ranging from the common cold to a rare lung diseases involving a nagging cough. I’m hopeful that the cough will be completely gone by this weekend but we shall see.

I’m slowly adding tabs to the blog (see above) and will eventually do a blog re-design with new fun pictures, etc. All in good time.

I mentioned in my last post a GIVEAWAY. Look for the announcement tomorrow. Let’s just say, if you didn’t win from Aron or Steve, you have another shot!