Thursday, March 17, 2011

SONY Walkman MP3 Player Review and GIVEAWAY

First, how awesome is it that the term “walkman” is making a comeback?  Member those bulky tape players we all used to have?  Then, came the CD players that would skip on the treadmill?  Well, those are a thing of the past, the walkman, has a new look!
 I was sent a Sony Walkman MP3 player for review a couple weeks back. I’ll be honest; I let it sit in the package for awhile because I was nervous about trying a new technology. I am NOT technically savvy—if something goes wrong on my computer/phone/printer/etc my first instinct is to turn it off and turn it back on---if that doesn’t solve the problem, I’m at a loss. Also, I’m pretty loyal to my iPod shuffle or my iPhone for music—I haven’t used any other device in years. Finally, I opened the package and got started reading the instructions for set up.

The Set Up:

To my delight, the set up was a breeze! I plugged it into my computer via USB cable and voila it popped up on my screen. I had to do a couple of installations/set up things—exactly of what, I’m not sure (member, not technically savvy). After that finished a small screen popped up that said something like “add songs.” I found my music folders (which honestly took more time than the entire walkman setup) and started dragging and dropping songs into the pop up screen. It was SUPER easy.


I have a hard time keeping ear buds in my ears for some reason my ears like to reject them. I changed out the medium size bud for the small and they fit nicely. I was worried about whether this device would be bouncy but it wasn’t at all, I barely noticed it. Everything stayed secure and fit nicely under my pony tail. Another nice thing was the lack of cords hanging all over the place. I always struggle with where to stuff cords.


I have pretty cheap headphones for my iPod/iPhone. In fact, I think I bought them from a rite aid once on my way to a long run after realizing I forgot mine at home. That’s an element of the Sony I really liked, not having to worry about headphones! The sound was really clear and did a good job of blocking out the background noise. One element I did not like was the fact that I can’t take out an ear bud. Often times, especially running on the streets, I’ll only wear one ear bud. With the Sony, you need to have both ear buds in your ears to keep the Walkman in place.


To turn the Sony off you simply connect the two ear parts together. This isn’t a big issue but I usually put my iPod in my gym bag or purse. With this device I was worried that every time I put it in my purse the ears would come disconnected and I would be out of battery when I actually wanted to use the device. I’m sure I could work out a system where this wouldn’t be an issue but I did find it mildly irritating.

Overall Impressions:

I liked the Sony Walkman MP3. The sound was good, there weren’t any cords hanging about, it’s water resistant which is a MUST for anyone living in the PacNW, it stayed in place and was easy to control. Its pluses certainly outweighed the few negatives. Do I think I’ll replace my iPod shuffle, probably not, especially when I want the option of only listening to one ear bud BUT this is going to be great for the gym---especially lifting weights since I won’t have to worry about getting the headphone cords tangled. The price is comparable to the iPod shuffle coming in at $60 retail. Overall, I will definitely be using the Sony Walkman and will love the lack of cords while I’m using it!


For you lucky readers, I’m giving away TWO Sony Walkman’s. Here’s what you have to do to enter. Leave ONE comment that answers the following questions (1 entry per question answered):

1. What’s your current favorite running song?

2. What music device do you currently use?

3. All time favorite movie song? (For those of you that have been readers of this blog for awhile you know I love to throw in movie questions related to my giveaways.)

Contest will end at midnight (pacific time) on March 24th, winners announced March 25th.

For those of you that don’t win the giveaway, have no fear, there is swag for everyone. Here is a link good for the SONY Walkman at $48.99 (instead of the retail price of $60.00) !

**Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for my review.**


  1. Shipping off to Boston by Dropkick Murphy's....

  2. I use an Ipod nano...I don't even think they make them anymore!

  3. Current song: Amazing by Seal
    I use an iPod Shuffle. And I break them constantly.
    Fave movie song? The theme from Rocky is always motivating. : )

  4. 1. What’s your current favorite running song? It's more bands than songs w/ me - but I'd say anything Ozzy, NIN, GNR, AC/DC, Tom Petty....not a big dance/pop kinda girl (this shocks you, I know!)

    2. What music device do you currently use? iPod Shuffle OR my Droid (at the gym)

    3. All time favorite movie song? this is hard...I looked through my music list on my Droid, and the only song I knew 100% was in a movies was (embarrassed!) Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog. :)

  5. Amy from Chesapeake
    1. Forget You
    2. Nano
    3. Sound of Music -lonely goat song

  6. 1. My favorite running song changes by the day, but today I'm going to go with "Like a G6."

    2. I'm currently using an iPod shuffle.

    3. I love "Chunari, Chunari" from Monsoon Wedding!

  7. 1. What’s your current favorite running song?
    Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

    2. What music device do you currently use?
    Ipod touch

    3. All time favorite movie song? (For those of you that have been readers of this blog for awhile you know I love to throw in movie questions related to my giveaways.)
    Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing (loved this movie soooo much for many many years!!)

  8. LOL! I'm the same way about technology! If I turn it off and that doesn't fix it, I immediately call people in a panic. :) I heard about your giveawawy from Runner's Rambles -- thanks for doing this & for such a thorough review! :) :)

    1. My favorite running song is "Among the Titans" by PodRunner. It's a 50-minute lyric-free song set at a 173 beats per minute, and I use it to pace myself at races. :)

  9. 2. I currently use an iPod shuffle, but the cord ALWAYS gets in my way! I also it got wet since I ran in the rain with it, so one of the earbuds doesn't work! The shuffle has the controls ON the headphones which sucks... I am so broke that I can't afford to get the new headphones! I might as well buy a new MP3 player at their prices.

  10. 3. Ooooohhh... all time favorite movie song!?! Lately I've bene listening to the Ultramarathon Man soundtrack. I like the song that plays when they are running the Lincoln marathon (called Seven, or something like that). Super nerdy, but I guess that's top of mind right now. :)

  11. My favorite running song is Flogging Molly's "7 deadly sins."

    I listen to it on a 6 year old, gen 1 iPod shuffle.

    My favorite movie song is definitely "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky 3!

  12. Current favourite running song: Don't Stop Believing. (yeah, cheesy, I know)

    Currently use: an OLD old ipod sometimes cuts out.

    All time favorite movie song: wow- I'm not sure if I can pick because it isn't the song I love but the "movie moment" that goes with the song that I usually love so much. For some reason the one that is popping into my head today is "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid because I love the part with the bird...

  13. 1. My current favorite running song is Cee Lo - "F**k you" and RuPaul - "Jealous of My Boogie" (Yes, RuPaul, it's fun) :)
    2. Music device I use: ipod nano right now, and the ear buds are constantly falling out. :(
    3. Favorite movie song: Lose Yourself, Eminem, 8 Mile, AND Footloose, Kenny Loggins Footloose.

  14. 1. Current favorite running song is Fireworks by Katy Perry
    or F**kin Perfect by Pink..
    2. Have a cheap IPOD nano knock-off that is threatening to die any day now.
    3. All time favorite movie song is the theme from the Godfather.

  15. Favorite Running Song?

    Firework - Katie Perry AND
    I Just Wanna Run - The Downtown Fiction

  16. I use my IPOD touch, it's super bulky to run with, but it does the job.

  17. Favorite Movie Song?

    Almost Paradise from Footloose!

  18. Don't have a music player right now, but my favorite song is Viva la Vida - Coldplay which seems like it would be the perfect running song for me.

  19. My favorite movie soundtrack is This is the Sea by The Waterboys from Riding Giants.

  20. 1)For a song that I actually run to, I'm going to say, "Stronger" by Kanye

    2) I use an ipod shuffle

    3) Hmm. This is a tough one because I LOVE LOVE LOVE movie songs. Too many to list. I'll put down Hakuna Matata for now :)

  21. I use an ipod shuffle when I run

  22. ugg. i published instead of hitting enter. i'm going to try again.

    1)matisyahu smash lies

    2) ipod shuffle while running

    3) i don't have an all time favorite movie song