Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signs of SPRING!

Despite the weather forecast for Portland showing lots of RAIN this time of year there are signs of spring. On all the days I can, meaning those that aren’t full of afternoon meetings, I use my lunch break to go for a walk. My work is in an area I don’t know very well but am getting to know. About three-ish blocks from my work I’m in a neighborhood. A quiet, well kept neighborhood. I walk through the quiet streets dreaming about all the fun things I want to do in my yard and admire some of the expensive homes I’ll never be able to afford. All around, I keep my eyes open for signs of spring. They do exist!

There are bushes blooming (Amy—goddess of all things gardening and domestic, what are these lovely blooming bushes?):

And trees budding and blooming (I think these are some type of cherry tree, maybe?? Amy—help?):

Flowers sprouting (daffodils, crocuses and tulip sprouts):

I’ve found these lunchtime walks are a great mood boost and recharge me for an afternoon of office life. I’ve used my lunch break to go running as well but find sometimes it’s too stressful to try to get into the locker room, change, run, shower (I know this is optional for some lunchtime runners) and get back to my desk within an hour (or roughly an hour). Walking only requires me to change my shoes (grab the umbrella) and head out the door.

Last weekend while my Dad was in town we went out the wineries and were treated with partly sunny skies!  It was a great day of wine tasting and chatting.

Winery dog!  Every winery we went to had a furry friendly greeter.

New trees planted and a bird house.

A couple of the wineries were selling fresh chicken eggs and some were raising chicks.

This morning I came into to find an extra special treat…a view of the surrounding mountains…Mt St Helens to the northeast and Mt Hood to the East. I’m an ocean gal but sometimes the mountains are breathtaking.
Mt Hood

Mt St. Helens

What are the signs of spring in your neck of the woods? Are you still buried in old man winter or are there signs of relief? I know some people prefer the winter but I’m a summer, sunshine girl---I’d do perfectly fine with 75-95 degree sunny days all year round.

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