Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Running Through Winter + March Goals

Apparently a winter storm makes me run MORE. Yes, last week Portland had its one and only dusting of snow for 2010 (see A tale of Portland Winter). I ran more miles last week than I have since the Goofy Challenge. This is actually quite funny to me…mostly because I’m a tank top and shorts type of runner. I despise running with lots of layers and I don’t really like to breathe in the cold air. Nevertheless, I was out there running 4 times for a total of…drum roll…18 miles. Yes, that’s the farthest I’ve gone in a week since Goofy. I even did a trail run! Yup, trail run in the snow with Mr. Pi. It was actually quite fantastic, I even managed to a keep a decent trail pace for most of the run. The only not fun part was when I dropped my car key in the snow and didn’t realize I’d dropped it til about a mile later and I had to run back and HOPE to find the key in the forest. I don’t know how but I found it!
Starting at Saltman Road off Skyline Blvd

 Saltzman Road

Snowy forest where I found my car key!
Also, since it’s the start of a new month and since I’ve been goal-less since Goofy I decided it’s high time for me to set some goals. Here we go with March Goals:

1. Register for some races (yup, it is on! I have a list and I’m going to start plunking down some moo-lah)

2. Create a schedule (see #1—if I’m going to be out there racing, I’m going to need a training schedule)

3. Read 2 books this month (I’ll find out the next book club choice next week so whatever that book is + one other)

4. Have an awesome weekend with my Dad when he comes to visit (I have to put something on this list that I know will be a smashing success!)

5. Start using dailyplate again (yup, this is a “lose weight” in disguise goal—though, it’s not about losing weight necessarily but about feeling healthier and less squishy. My post-Goofy, sloth-ness needs to be curbed.)