Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

Work:  I’m still adjusting to my new work schedule, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I’m a morning person and am almost always at work before 8:00am.  My co-worker and boss are not, they are evening people.  I am struggling with feeling guilty about leaving at the prescribed 5:00pm even though I’ve already worked a long and hard day because it looks like I’m the new person who is chomping at the bit to leave work right at 5:00pm.  This makes me anxious.  I really like my new job it’s challenging and rewarding but what I really dislike is constantly feeling like I have to prove myself.  I know that’s part of starting in a new place but I really miss having confidence in my work and knowing that my boss/co-workers also have confidence in me.

Training:  I also thought that since I don’t actually HAVE to be at work until 8:00am that I would get back to my morning workout routine more easily.  But instead, I set out my stuff every night and hit the snooze every morning—except for some reason on Fridays.  And since I’m not used to being at work until 5:00pm it’s been hard to get motivated to work out after work too—I’m tired, already had a long day and by the time I get home it is dark.  Also, I have nothing on my race calendar to keep me motivated.  I’ve been working out just not like I am when I’m on a schedule training for a race.  I’ve realized I can no longer self motivate myself to do the hard workouts—I need that goal race to motivate me.  I thought taking time off was going to inspire me to try new classes at the gym, etc but it totally hasn’t.  I function better on a schedule—not too ambitious of one but some sort of schedule so, I’m looking at some spring/summer/fall options to inspire me.  I feel better when I’m working out consistently which I totally know in my head but I’m in that weird place of knowing getting out the door will make me feel but not being able to get myself out the door.  Ya know? 

Friends:  I’ve been a horrible friend.  I just mailed my best friend’s birthday, which is now almost a month late (SORRY!!!!).  I haven’t been feeling very social or wanting to do anything especially in large groups.  I’ve been anxious about hanging out with anyone.  This is weird.  I’m not usually an anxious person.  Why am I all of sudden socially awkward?

House and Husband:  Not all has been in a weird place.  Mr. Pi and I have been doing some fun house projects and having great weekends together.

We framed our unframed closet door in the guest room which I think makes the room look so much more complete.
Closet before

Mr. Pi's cute butt while he works on nailing in the molding.

Closet after, with molding.

Closet after also showing the mirror we hung and photos.

We made a custom cork board and hung a US map in our guest room.  We’ve put in map pins for places we’ve done big athletic events, places we’ve vacationed, places we’ve lived and our cross country road trip.  We also have pins set aside for guests so when we have company they can stick a pin in the map and tell us where they are from. (We’re working on hanging the world map in our bedroom.)

Blank wall above the bed.

Not a great photo but this is the map!  We've put some pins in and there are green pins on the side for when our guests come.

We’ve taken lots of walks around the neighborhood with the dog on the weekends and gone to some fun brunch places.

Country Cat (which has my favorite breakfast in Portland---the monte cristo, which I never order at other places, with a side of "judy" which is this fresh homemade never the same jam mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm).  My mom and stepdad got us a gift card to this place so we can keep going back!  They have dinner too but we've only been for breakfast.

Ned Ludd which is fancy breakfast.  My mom and stepdad got us a gift card there.  We still have some $$ left so we might try it out for dinner.  It was also very tasty.

 We’ve been watching our sproutlings, which are nearly blooming.

 All in all, post-holidays has been an adjustment and I’m slowly working my way through the issues and finding my way back to a happy, healthy, balanced me.  At the moment, I'm trying to stay healthy and not get the nasty thing that seems to be going around!