Friday, February 25, 2011

A Portland tale of winter

Yesterday morning I woke up to white roof tops—it snowed!  By the time I got to work most of the snow had melted, there were periods of snow and sunshine throughout the morning. 
Snow covered backyard before work

During my almost daily lunchtime walk I got pelted with corn snow/hail for the first few minutes but then it cleared up to be a really nice walk. Around 2:30 pm I noticed the office got a bit darker, when I looked out the window it looked like a blizzard. It was snowing hard and starting to stick. About 10-15 minutes later we were told we could go home.

Around 3:30, snowy front yard

When I arrived home, it was still snowing pretty hard but nothing was sticking the actual roads.  I chuckled to myself that with less than 2 inches of accumulation and nothing sticking to the roads, buses had chains, schools were closed and I got to go home from work early.  That would NOT have flown when I lived in Boston.

Garden beds covered in snow and Zoey playing in the white fluff

Snow covered roof tops and some late afternoon sunshine.  View from our upstairs office.

Our sproutlings were covered by the porch overhang, hoping they don't die from the cold weather.

Accumulation on the deck rail.

Since I got to go home early, what did I do with my time...went for a run of course!

At the end of a snowy and cold but super peaceful run.

Then, I took Zoey for a long walk before the sun went down. Once the sun went down the temps plummeted and I got cozy with Zoey and some tea on the couch. Wonderful way to end the day.

All in all, a great winter day!