Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Motivation is makin' a comeback

After my last post I decided to allow myself one final weekend of laziness and then declare it over. No more excuses—it is time to get my arse into gear. Mr. Pi and I had so many fun plans this weekend, wine tasting, get together with friends and pulling weeds in the yard. Unfortunately, we both came down with a nasty bug, luckily the worst of it went away pretty weekly though neither of us are 100%. So, I spent my last weekend of laziness being extremely lazy. I did laundry, made chicken soup and that’s about it.  Monday morning I came to work armed with cold fighting items:

I researched some training plans and since I’m not sure exactly what events will be on the schedule for the summer I looked at a lot of plans and am still determining what would be best for me. Since I know the summer is going to include at least one tri, likely a half marathon and likely a cycling event-- I figured some sort of balanced tri plan that isn’t too crazy, one that eases back into things, would be good. The plan is still in motion as I’m still nailing down summer events BUT for this week the plan is 2x run, bike swim and at least one weights session.

Last night I had the best run I’ve had in ages. I downloaded a running app for the iPhone called B210k. Its formal name is Bridge to 10k. It essentially picks up where the Couch to 5k plan ends and preps you for a 10k. Since I haven’t been doing much running since the Goofy challenge I thought a run/walk intro would be good. The first session is: 5 minute warm-up then, 4x10 minutes of running (with 1 minute break between each run cycle) and a 5 minute cool-down. I started the first run cycle at an 11:30 and over the course of the 10 minute cycle dropped it to a 10:30, the second run cycle I started at 11:30 and dropped to 10:10, the third run cycle I alternated 2 minutes at 11:15 and 2 minutes at 10:10, the final run cycle I started at 10:50 and slowly dropped the pace every minute and ended at a 9:00 (for the last 1:30 only). Mentally and physically this was a great run. My overall run average was around an 11 mm but the part that I really loved was the feeling at the end of the 10 minute cycle that I didn’t really need the walk break and at the end of the last run cycle I could have easily done at least a couple more run cycles. While I’m unsure how often I’ll use the app, for $1.99 or whatever it cost, it was worth it even for that one great, confidence boosting run.

After running, I hit weights for 30ish minutes and let’s just say I know I haven’t done weights in a long while---I am sore! My plan before March starts is to return to crazy weights class (aka 24SET, 24LIFT, Bodypump).

Member in my last post how I said I feel better when I’ve worked out? Still holds true. The endorphins are back a flowin’. Even today, I feel better and am not as bitter about having an office job. Don’t get me wrong I really like my work but I do get bitter about feeling like an office drone some days. Anyone else ever feel that way?

In other news, the forecasters have been predicting snow. Of course, I don’t believe them.  I hope it snows (sorry birthday girl)—I love the snow. What I love even more---SUNSHINE---and it’s supposed to be BACK on Friday!