Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post Goofy Musings

I'm waiting until I have all the pictures from family before I post my marathon race report and finishing talking about all the craziness that was the Goofy Challenge BUT I thought I'd leave a little something for the time being.

I'm doing surprisingly well post-marathon.  With every race and accomplishment it always has me itching for something else to put on my calendar.  My event calendar currently has nothing on it.  Part of me is happy about that the other part can't wait to get something scheduled.  For now though, I am enjoying my break from training.

My trip to Florida was really a great experience.  I'd been to Disney World once before with her when I was about 12 but I think I noticed different things this time around. Here are some musings that don't really fit in with Part II of my race report but I still want to share.

1) Florida in the winter is MUCH more pleasant than in the summer
2) Disney knows how to entertain---I didn't use my ipod during either race
3) I thank Florida for being the sunshine state and for having over an hour more daylight than Portland, I needed it
4) Disney knows that bathrooms need to be located every 10 feet--thanks
5) Hearing Disney songs can drown out all the crying babies/screaming toddlers and take me to a happy place
6) Disney has good race bling!
7) Epcot wasn't my favorite park but the food in the world showcase was actually really good (I highly recommend the Moroccan..mmmmmm)
8) Speaking of food, turns out I can run races eating weird food at odd hours
9) Seeing your 5 year old nephew at mile 19 and having him tell you you're a "good runner" is totally priceless!
10) Having random strangers and park workers tell you "congratulations" or "you're a crazy goofy" the day after the race was pretty awesome
11) Seeing the Pi family at the finish line of Goofy or later that day was awesome---built in fan support
12) I enjoyed waiting with fellow runners (ie Adults) in the character picture lines
13) Hearing about people going off course to ride the rides during the marathon really made me wish I had thought to do the same!
14) I did not see a healthy looking orange tree in Florida---I think I'll stick with my California oranges thank you
15) Knowing that 5 of the Pi's on the Florida vacation finished a race made me very proud (of the 5 there were two PR's one in the 5k and one in the marathon)

I could go on and on with other observations and things that make me smile about the trip but I'll spare you.  I should have Part II of my Goofy report up soon but know this--so far, this was the best race experience I've had.  I can't tell if it's b/c I have ZERO time expectations or b/c I was surrounded by family or b/c it was just darn entertaining but for anyone considering the Goofy Challenge---DO IT, it was a BLAST!


  1. I think I should add this race to my bucket list!

  2. Love 4, 9, 11 and 13! Maybe when I retire I can do this! It doesn't work at all with my work schedule but you make it sound so worth it.

  3. I think we were more like 15 but that was still a heck of a long time ago! So crazy! It was so hot!! Remember our totally cool water bottles?

    I am so happy you had such a great experience. People really left the run to ride rides? Crazy!! I will get there someday. :)

  4. I 100% agree on all of the above! When we ran through Animal Kingdom, I actually did think about stopping to ride Mt. Everest but there were a bunch of employees right along there and I assumed their job was to keep us from doing so. Lame. I should have tried.

  5. Great "pre-race" report; I can't wait for the next round and the photos. I'm getting more and more intrigued by this event, it may go on the list :-)

  6. glad you had so much fun out there and got to share with lots of family! :)

  7. Did you eat the sit-down Moroccan food or the counter service stuff? I tried counter service and was just so-so.

    Don't you LOVE their portapotties (and real bathrooms in the parks) I usually don't have to use the bathroom, but I used them twice during the marathon and was never worried about when the next one would come up.

    I am so sad I didn't ride Dinosaur during the marathon :( Next time! I even timed it... It would add on about 12 minutes to your race time (not that it matters).

  8. I love that people ran off course to run the rides. Hilarious! Disney songs to drown out crying babies...:)! Glad you had such a good time!!

  9. It is always a motivation to read accomplishments and set your own goals.